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Gucci, Gucci, Gucci: Gucci at The Oscars

It was quite the Gucci catwalk show all over again at The Oscars last night as not one but three actors were photographed wearing the label. Jeff Bridges, who won the Oscar for Best Actor – beating Colin Firth for A Single Man, directed by Tom Ford – wore top to toe Gucci. Javier Bardem… Read more »

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Snow; The Gucci Way

Did you get a flurry of snow today? As the winter Olympics get underway in a couple of days I wonder if the Italian ski team will be sporting these Gucci skiing goggles? The unisex ski mask comes in white and black with the signature green-red-green on the headband, with technological features such as anti-fog… Read more »

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Valentines Get-a-Way

It’s coming up to Valentines Day and it’s a time of romantic gestures, and often, sensual weekends away! But if you have not been with your ‘lover’ (I think thats so more exciting than boy/girl friend, don’t you?) long, you don’t want to rock-up with your weekend grooming supplies in a soggy, tired pouch. Presuming… Read more »

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Gucci: The Film

She is loved for her lips, her gaggle of multi-cultural children and, most importantly, her husband but Angelina Jolie may soon be worshiped by fashion lovers world over. For director Ridley Scott, who has confirmed today that he will direct a new Gucci biotopic, is strongly hinting that Mrs. Brangelina will take the lead role…. Read more »

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Gucci Outlet Comes to the UK

Bicester Village in Oxfordshire has announced Gucci will be joining their outlet family this Autumn. For those who have not been, Bicester Village is the premier destination for outlet shopping in the UK stocking all the major International labels Details are sketchy – a few references on their website – but check back for more… Read more »

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Gucci Pops Up with Gucci Icon – Temporary

Gucci has announced Gucci Icon- Temporary, a pop-up store that will be launching on 23rd October 2009 in New York.The Gucci Icon – Temporary store will retail limited edition Mark Ronson sneakers that have been designed along side the brands Creative Director Frida Giannini. Sixteen mens styles will sit along side just two womens however… Read more »

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Italian Luxury Consumption Stable

There has been talk of ‘green shoots’ in this economic recession over the last couple of months. Often referring to property, automotive and high street retail sales, very few have taken note of luxury good growth. Whilst most cut back on luxuries such as dining out, buying little indulgences at the supermarket and canceling gym… Read more »