Your Holiday Packing Essentials

If you’re off on your holidays to lie by the pool and soak up the sun for a week or so then, you won’t need much more than swimwear, a sunhat, some sunglasses and a book. However, if you’re planning on doing a little more than that, you will have to pack a bit more…. Read more »

Save money on your student car

As a student, you’re still working on your dreams and being able to save money as soon as possible is a great way to stay out of debt. Once you’ve graduated and entered the workforce, having a savings account can help you hold out for the job you really want or simply give you more… Read more »

Why Cashmere is So Ridiculously Expensive?

Why Cashmere is So Ridiculously Expensive? Cashmere is a type of fibers known worldwide for being amazingly soft and incredibly warm. Anything made from cashmere has a luxuriously soft feel to them. It also provides significantly more insulation from the cold weather when compared to regular sheep wool.   However, the super-soft feel and incredible insulation… Read more »

Important Things To Remember For A Motorcycle Summer Road Trip

With the thrill of the open road ahead of you, and with a spirited sense of adventure, you might well consider taking a road trip on your motorcycle this summer. However, to ensure you are fully prepared for the ride, here are some important things for you to remember. #1: Make sure your motorbike is… Read more »

3 Fears That Stop You From Enjoying The Summer

If you live in the UK, chances are you’ve been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the past few weeks, wondering when summer will come. A warm weekend doesn’t count as summer, and despite the 30°C of the last weekend, most regions have gone back to the typical combination of grey sky and… Read more »

Some Of The Best Benefits Of Beard Oil

Perfectly groomed beards are all the rage these days.  Many men like to see what kinds of styles they can create on their face and show it off to the public.  Along with growing that beard, it is essential that we take good care of it. Beard oil is the answer to that problem.  Just… Read more »

Staying Comfy On Your Summer Adventures

Summer is the time of adventure. The weather is good, and the light doesn’t fade out until very late in the evening – you won’t lose your way due to the sudden onset of the dark. You won’t have to pack your bag with heavy items like jackets and umbrellas and a coat, and the… Read more »

Becoming A More Classical Gentleman

What is the meaning of looking sharp? The very word ‘sharp’ conjures an image of clean cut lines and clear defined grooming. The attention to detail is something that slips into this image as well. In order to be finely groomed, we have to look at the smaller the things as well as the large…. Read more »

How to Dress for the Airport

Summer Holidays: What You Need To Rock At The Airport We bet you can’t wait to jet off and enjoy a break in the sun. Once your packing’s done and you know everything’s in check, you only have one more thing to think about: the airport outfit. You’ll know yourself that what you decide to… Read more »

Top 5 Bags to Get You Through London Fashion Week Men’s

London Fashion Week Men’s starts tomorrow, which means there is one essential item everyone and I will need – a great bag. With a phone, small wallet or separate cards, back-up charger and cable, invitations and a snack bar (always, always take a snack bar) having the smallest but best use of space that leaves… Read more »

  • What a Winter Warmer Cole is…

    What more can I say?! Doesn’t Brit boy Cole Mohr look incredible?! Styled and photographed by Zana Bayne for Lurve magazine, Cole looks stunning in these Ulrika Martin Larsen shredded wool/cotton tops. In the words of Miranda Priestly “That’s All…”

  • Can I Speak to Mr. Dior Please?

    So I returned from Paris on Thursday, and having slept for what seems like a blissful eternity…I am back. I had such a great time in the city, even though I was working 13/14 hour days. Though my boss let me have the day off of Wednesday and I went for a little wander to… Read more »

  • French Fancy

    Possibly the most divine cakes I have ever seen! The delectable chocolate one was mine…and 25 mins later (yes, it was that rich) it was nimbly devoured.

  • London Decamps to Paris

    Ah mon amis, such a beuatiful day here in Paris as the sun is shining and after a night out with Bryan Boy I am absolutely exhausted! At 23, I swear I am getting too old for this sort of thing! So today the London Show Rooms open with the likes of Henry Holland –… Read more »

  • Tick Tock, It’s Holiday Time for Swatch

    There are some small obsessions I have in life, such as designer packaging, sneakers and watches, so imagine my excitment at these two images sent to me last night. The uber cool cult brand, Swatch, is set to launch its Chrono Automatic Collection on October 15th. What I love about the line is its challenge… Read more »

  • Hermès to Buy Asprey?

    Hermes Spring/Summer 2010 – Keeping on the Paris theme, last night I went to the most stunning vintage boutique near the Louvre that sells vintage/second hand Hermès, Chanel and Louis Vuitton – shoes, luggage, bags, accessories… In a word stunning! Though I did become speechless when I was invited to handle one of the… Read more »

  • J’adore Paris

    Oh what a beautiful city Paris is! I have not been here for…well, too long and I had forgotten how stunning it is. I took this quick photo last night of the Arc de Triumph during a late night walk with a colleague. Paris Womenswear Fashion Week starts today but due to work will not… Read more »

  • Ash Stymest for SuperSuper

    This image of Ash is incredible, he never ceases to bore me! Thanks to sUper hott stylist Kabir for giving me a sneaky peak at the shoot for SuperSuper magazine. The issue entitled ‘Hooked’ is looking at the fashion obsessions of his year in relation to cool, London talent and interest. Ash was shot wearing… Read more »

  • Unconditional ‘Mantyhose’ – Yay or Nay?

    My favorite label Unconditional has divided the nation and most of New York with their A/W09 collection featuring ‘mantyhose’ – tights for men, and a ‘skirt’. Is it a yay or nay for you? I was lucky enough to be allowed to spend yesterday at the photo shoot for such items in East London with… Read more »

  • Like Father Like Son

    Looking like your Dad can either be a blessing or a curse – I for one look like my mum so I can’t comment – but for Louis and Claude Simonon it means a contract. These two boys are sons of The Clash bassist, Paul Simonon, and have landed a contract for the new Prada… Read more »