Just What Value Does Business Style Have?

  It can often be the question on our lips whenever we head to a new job. The question? ‘How on earth should I dress for this position?’ In some places, this is perhaps easy to recognize. For example, in heading to a law firm to work as an intern, it’s likely that you’re going… Read more »

10 Essential Summer Menswear Pieces Under £100

Ahhhh, summer! Looking out of the window today as Storm Simon gusts in to the UK bringing a disappointing sense of spring, all thoughts are swiftly turning to the Easter break next month. With the break swiftly followed by the May Day Bank Holiday, a few savvy travellers have noticed that by spending a minimal… Read more »

NEW FatFace x FOLK Collaboration For Summer 2019

It has been a collaboration that has divided the menswear sphere, but surely the aim of a partnership is to bring two different types of customers together. In my opinion, season one of the FatFace x Folk collection did just that. So, following on from that success the collaboration returns with a new summer collection… Read more »

The Best 5 Sneakers for SS19

Sneakers are the new brogue – they are the choice footwear for everyone, where the rules of the office apply, but on and off duty the sneaker reins supreme. But where do you start? You want to get your casual wardrobe right, even your work one right too if you find a pair perfect for… Read more »

How To Save £££ On Your Luxury Watch Buy

There’s a lot to consider when you decide to buy a luxury watch. Even for the most affluent, a watch from a brand like Rolex or Cartier is a significant investment. They can range from a few thousand pounds to tens or hundreds of thousands depending on the brand and model. You want to make… Read more »

Acqua di Parma Barbiere x Selfridges

It was a couple of weekend’s again that I was very kindly invited by Acqua di Parma to their new Barbiere – or Barbers – in London’s Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. I had been offered an authentic Italian, cut-throat razor shave which, despite my looking 14 years old again after a full-face shave,… Read more »

Here’s Why It’s Important that you Wear Appropriate Gym Attire

Sometimes, it can be hard to find the motivation you need to go to the gym. You may need to really push yourself or even enlist the help of friends to try and get you fired up. When you get to the gym, the last thing that you need is to be held back by… Read more »

A Man’s Guide For A Fashionable Race Day

If you’re getting suited and booted for a race day this year, you should make yourself aware of the different dress codes of each venue. Cheltenham Races: 12th March – 15th March Traditionally known for its British country influence, you can expect to see people dressed in tweed and sharp tailoring at Cheltenham Races. The… Read more »

House of Peroni Fuses Menswear, Beer and Food at This Must Attend Event

To Covent Garden this week, with an exciting launch which fused fashion, food and beer as The House of Peroni arrived into London. I do love it when lifestyle and fashion brands collide as exciting things always happen. This time, Italian brand Peroni have taken over 6a Langley Street in Covent Garden with an immersive… Read more »

Putting Together a Wardrobe for the Gym

Heading to the gym for the first time in a while, if ever, can be a daunting enough experience in itself. You have all sorts of things to bear in mind – recommended reps, different stretches, and to remember that bottle of protein shake for afterwards. But what to wear shouldn’t be on your list… Read more »

  • Harvey Nichols Fashionista Quiz

    Do you know your Pucci from your Primark? Or do you get your Lanvin mixed with your Balenciaga? In celebration of its new online store, Harvey Nichols has launched an online fashion quiz! Was such fun! I got 9/10, and for those who get 70% or more – including me – get 10% off mens… Read more »

  • Rokit Blasts Off With Modern Vintage

    Rokit has long been a destination (and a savior) for vintage affectionardo’s but the Aladdin’s cave of period pieces is making new from the inspiration of the old. Rokit are now stocking a range of British handmade shoes, in two-tone and plain brogues and penny loafers, and LA made hats from Baileys Hat Company, from… Read more »

  • jimmy choo h&m mens collection preview

    Here are a few select pieces from the new Jimmy Choo/H & M collaboration that will reach stores on November 14th. It seems there are more ready-to-wear pieces than shoes. What do you think of it all? I am a little disappointed with the collection but there are some pieces I want to snap up… Read more »

  • Segreto – Kink Excite

    I am all for pushing things – manually and metaphorically – and boundaries of fashion is one of them. London is refreshingly rife with fashionistas and labels breaking barriers and bending rules about dress and style so it is good to see new menswear label Segreto doing just that. Segreto launches this November at a… Read more »

  • Crack-a-Jack

    I don’t know what it is with the Union Jack design but I LOVE it! Internet shopping at the weekend I spotted this range of Aspinal of London ‘Cool Britannia’ toiletry and cosmetic cases.But I really think the pouches can be amazing little change purses? Prices start at £39 – a lot cheaper than my… Read more »

  • Mulberry and Apple

    If you, like me, have a taste for all things Apple then this my dear fashionista readers is for you! My MacBook that I tap, tap, tap away on was white! But with me just throwing it in my Longchamp satchel has become, well, a little grey…Though today, news has reached me that Mulberry is… Read more »

  • Vuitton Up, LVMH Down

    Who would have thought that next time you trek to Outer Mongolia, you will find a Louis Vuitton store? Well having announced to put the far-flung region on the fashion map, LVMH have announced that LV has seen a rise in sales in the nine-months to September 30th. However, LVMH over-all has seen a group… Read more »

  • ASOS.com Mid-Season Sale!

    After my short stay in hospital, hence no blogging – the price of internet in wards is about 20p a minute! – I caught up on emails and some ‘getting better’ therapy. Asos.com have their mid-season sale on at the moment and I’m already found some pieces for my SS10 wardrobe…. Comme des Garcon shirt… Read more »

  • What a Winter Warmer Cole is…

    What more can I say?! Doesn’t Brit boy Cole Mohr look incredible?! Styled and photographed by Zana Bayne for Lurve magazine, Cole looks stunning in these Ulrika Martin Larsen shredded wool/cotton tops. In the words of Miranda Priestly “That’s All…”

  • Can I Speak to Mr. Dior Please?

    So I returned from Paris on Thursday, and having slept for what seems like a blissful eternity…I am back. I had such a great time in the city, even though I was working 13/14 hour days. Though my boss let me have the day off of Wednesday and I went for a little wander to… Read more »