When you’re younger, organisation isn’t something at the top of your priorities. You’d prefer to play the latest video game or catch up with friends at the park, maybe even flirt with your crush. Basically anything other than doing what you should be doing.

But while this is a trait you’d expect from teen boys and give it some leeway, it’s not one you expect from a grown man. Being disorganised, late, and unsure of your schedule is unattractive and comes across as disrespectful to others. If you’re still to master the fine art of organisation, keep on reading.

Be Easily Contactable

If you’ve ever known someone aside from yourself who never seems to pick up the phone or reply to messages, it doesn’t take long before you decide to stop contacting them altogether. Guys who are uncontactable are considered unreliable, and unreliability is not something you want to be attached to you.

To overcome this reputation, consider using services like web based mail forwarding and specific social media apps that help people get in touch with you in an instant. Being easily contactable makes it easier to arrange and change plans, both personal and professional, and makes you the person that people come to.

Prioritise Your Time

Being able to prioritise your time is one way to ensure you always have time to dedicate to yourself. Creating a to-do list is a great start, as writing tasks down makes them feel more real while crossing them out upon completion gives you a dopamine boost.

You can do even better than this, though, and prioritising your priorities will put you in a much better position. People often neglect the more critical tasks, thinking them too complicated or too time-consuming. Still, if you tackle the significant issues first, you’ll get into a groove and manage all your responsibilities much easier than you predicted.

Improve Your Routine

The best way to get organised is to work out a routine that suits you and can ensure you get everything that you need to do, done. It’s almost certain that you already have a routine, and this is one that you’re comfortable with.

However, this routine may not be the right one for you. Regardless of how comfortable you are, it could be hindering your progress. By taking the most productive parts of your routine, you can develop one that is the perfect one for you.

Do Not Say Yes To Everything

Saying yes to everything is undoubtedly more fun, and you’ll get to know more people faster, but it also takes up a massive wedge of your time, and the more time you spend away from your tasks, the less organised you will be.

Instead, consider giving yourself a break now and again to focus on the essential things. There will always be another trip to the bar or movie night, so save those until you have the time.

Wise and Organised

Organisation is not something you can learn overnight. Like any skill, it takes time and practice. The more time you dedicate to exploring the different options for better organisation, the more quickly, it will come, and soon you’ll be a lean, mean organised machine. Instead of letting people down, you can start lifting them up.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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