A great way to show your embrace of the counterculture is through the apparel you wear. The counterculture is a set of norms or values that go against the current society’s culture. For example, the hippie movement of the 1960s looked to promote communal living and anti-war – two ideas which were very against the culture’s norms at that time. Now we have a different way of doing things, and a counterculture that opposes them. Luckily, it’s easy to join the counterculture by simply altering some of your buying decisions. Below are 5 brands that you can shop at to promote the counterculture and make a little difference in the world.

1. The Cupcake Factory

One element of our current culture is the lack of acceptance for weed. While this is changing in some parts of the country, smoking weed is still largely seen as something that goes against society’s norms and values. If you want to display your enjoyment of weed, or help provoke discussions about legalizing it, then consider shopping at The Cupcake Factory. This Los Angeles based business offers plenty of apparel options, many of which are weed-themed. The products are all well-made and comfortable, so you will enjoy wearing whatever you end up getting.

2. Black Lives Matter

One of the biggest counterculture movements of the past few years is the Black Lives Matter movement. Started back in 2013, this movement aims to bring awareness to racial inequality and make changes towards racial justice. There are a number of ways you can join this movement, from protests to contacting your local representatives, but a simple way is by purchasing apparel through their official website. Every purchase you make will let you promote the causes on your clothing, while giving funds directly to those people working to make change.

3. Science of Apparel

Another common trait among our culture today is the denial of science. There are many problems facing our world, and when scientists try to shed some light on these subjects, they are often ignored. If you would rather live in a world where science and scientists are appreciated, consider shopping at the Science of Apparel. Science of Apparel uses compostable and easily recyclable materials, works to lessen their impact on the environment, and produces some great products with modern designs. The products on Science of Apparel are of a minimalist style but come in plenty of options for you to choose from.

4. Nisolo

Based in Tennessee, Nisolo is a provider of artisan-made apparel. They partner with local artisans in Peru, rather than outsourcing all their production to sweatshops. For each of their parternships, and with all their employees, they provide above a fair-wage. They also offer a transparent production process, so that customers can see exactly how their products are being made. Nisolo is a great option particularly if you want some handmade leather shoes, but you can find all sorts of different products here. If you think the world should move towards smaller businesses rather than huge chain stores, consider supporting brands like Nisolo.


Finally, there’s ABLE. Also based in Tennessee, this brand focuses on empowering women. They believe that if you want to end generational poverty, you have to create more opportunities for women to support themselves. ABLE makes their products all over the world, with women who are paid a fair wage. They have some beautiful bags and denim products that any woman will love. Best of all, if you end up getting the wrong size in something, ABLE offers free shipping back and forth until you end up with the perfect fit. Supporting women across the world is more important than ever, so consider supporting an apparel brand that makes this part of their core mission.

Apparel is a Simple Way to Join the Counterculture

When we think of the counterculture we often think of hippies driving around together in a multi-colored buss. And while you’re still welcome to do this, a much simpler way to help out is by becoming more conscious of your buying decisions. By shopping at smaller brands that promote different causes you can join the counterculture and feel a little better about your buying choices.

Hopefully with the list above you will start exploring more brands that are a part of the counterculture. There are many of them out there, it is just a matter of deciding where your values lie and finding brands that follow the same ideals.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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