Whether you’re chasing the career of your dreams to the big city, or you’re downsizing to save cash, going from a generous living space to a cramped apartment can be a tough adjustment. You’ll most likely have to get rid of some of your stuff, and you might miss having some of the things you’re used to. You’ll have to get organised in more ways than just your personal schedule. And you might wish you had more room to do yoga or stretch your legs.

Before you let the prospect overwhelm you, try these tips to help you ease the transition to small space living.

Prepare Yourself Mentally For Small Space Living

One of the biggest challenges people face when downsizing their living space is fitting the same-sized people, with the same-sized lives, into a smaller-scale environment. Just because you’re moving into a tiny apartment doesn’t mean that you’re going to shrink, too! But small scale living is a thing, and it’s trendy, too. One of the best ways to get yourself ready for the move is to mentally downsize your concept of living space before you even start packing your things. Spend some time reading style blogs that feature small space living, and (though it might sound strange) check out examples of maritime décor for some amazing inspiration. Once you start to absorb other examples of successful and efficient small space living, you might stop dreading the prospect, and even get excited about the creative ways you might use your own space.

Categorise Your Stuff

Before you start packing, spend some time working out which pieces of furniture and other belongings that are currently in your home are essential to your happiness. The flipside of this is: which things do you have that you could do without? The essential things are definitely coming with you to your new place. Before you start to panic, there is a second category. If there are items that you really like, but you have to admit that you don’t actually need them, you can categorise these as ‘maybe’ items. And the rest? You probably know where this is going. You might like to see moving to a smaller space as an opportunity to declutter your life. And yes, you should definitely do this before you move! Of course, it won’t be pleasant, but why waste time and money carting things you don’t need to your new place, only to have no space to store them?

Short-term Self-Storage

When you’ve orgainsed your mover through mybekins.com and it’s finally time to pack up and go, make sure that you show the movers what to do with each category of item. ‘Essentials’ are going to your new place. ‘Maybes’ should be put into short-term storage. You’ll only need this storage for a month or so, just until you’ve had the time to unpack in your new apartment and you have got a feel for the space. Once you’ve settled in, you’ll be in a much better position to decide which of your ‘maybe’ things will enhance your new life. Once you’ve fetched those from storage, time to get rid of the rest. And you’re done!

Small space living is not for the faint hearted. These tips will help you get your head around the transition before the movers arrive.


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