Internet shopping has boomed in recent years, with high street shops folding if they aren’t able to keep up with the times. Whether you’re looking for a fridge, a holiday, a cat toy or your next three-piece suit you’ll be able to find it online and the chances are you can also have it processed and delivered for less than you’d have paid in-store too. So if you’re an internet shopaholic but want to save a little extra on your purchases here are 6 tips for you.


  1. Use price comparison websites
    The internet is a vast place and there are countless people selling the same thing, the only problem is, they tend to sell them at different prices, meaning that if you don’t shop around you could be missing out on a much better deal. You definitely don’t have the time to be researching the best price in person so let a price comparison site do the job for you. These nifty websites crawl merchant sites and then show you this data alongside all other products of the same type, ensuring you don’t pay more for something that you could get cheaper elsewhere.

  2. Sign up to newsletters
    Merchants want nothing more than to sign you up to their newsletters and they do this by offering incentives such as money off vouchers when you sign up. Keep an eye out for sign-up incentives and use a new email address to claim them more than once. Signing up to newsletters can also be beneficial in the long run as they tend to keep you in the loop about sales, giving you early access to discounted products, and you also often get other coupons and deals too as a way to keep you from unsubscribing.

  3. Put it in your basket and wait
    Online websites are sophisticated things and most of them are hooked up to clever marketing automation systems whose sole purpose is to make you spend money. If you’ve signed into a retail account on a website, the system will be tracking your progress, and nothing drives them crazy like you putting items in your basket, proceeding to the checkout and then, closing the window. When this happens the automation system will pull anything out of the bag to make you come back and complete your purchase, like sending you a custom offer like 15% off. So before you just click by, close your window and wait a little while to see what happens.

  4. Search for voucher codes
    Online retailers are all vying for your custom and to help them persuade you they introduced voucher codes. But voucher codes can be hard to come by, which is where voucher code websites such as Net Voucher Codes come in. These sites find all the best voucher code deals and put them in one place to stop you from frantically searching for them at the checkout stage. The best way to stay up to date with voucher code websites is to sign up to their newsletters and have the codes delivered straight to your inbox.

  5. Use Honey
    With the rise of internet spending and the desire of consumers to save money more and more online Apps and browser extensions, such as Honey, have come to market to fill the niche. Honey is a browser extension that automatically searches, finds and applies coupon codes at check out with a single click. You can download it for your browser, such as Chrome, and it sits inconspicuously next to your search bar waiting for you to enter the checkout stage on a website. At this point, honey pops up, finds any voucher codes associated with your site, and applies them all to your shop, potentially saving you a lot of money.

  6. Keep an eye out for seasonal sales

Retail is a fast-moving industry like no other. Once one major event is over, it’s straight onto the next, and they don’t want to be keeping around old stock which may or may not be ‘in fashion’ come next season. To make room for the next best thing sites sell off any unsold stock at a super discounted rate during a sale, usually as soon as one day after the holiday has passed. For holidays such as Halloween, Christmas and Easter this means super cheap products which you can store for next year, saving you hundreds. Look out for deals on items which don’t age or have long sell-by dates, purchase them when they are cheap and then keep them out of sight, out if mind, until you need them.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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