Halloween costume ideas are in their plentiful, but sometimes striking the balance between trendy costumes and a cheap price is a little bit tricky. The trends show that ‘the clown’ has fallen a wee bit out of favour over the past few years, and in its place Batman has risen as a candidate for the number one spot. However, the ‘witch’ is still, by far, the most popular and iconic fancy dress, and other classics aren’t too far behind, such as the ‘vampire’ and the ‘pirate’. So, what’s so good about going for the trendiest options? These outfits, due to their lasting popularity, are the cheapest to buy.

Finding Cheap Halloween Fancy Dress Costumes

So while cheap Halloween fancy dress costumes may be associated with the likes of vampires, witches, zombies and mummies, there are other ways to find a cheap Halloween fancy dress that doesn’t require too much effort. An effective use of make-up can go nicely alongside your everyday, regular clothes, which is perfect if you’re low on time and if you’re rushing to a Halloween bash just after work. Many online costume shops will sell make-up and face paints for you to have a go at creating a unique look. Some online stores also have specific make-up kits so that you can, for example, make yourself look like one of the Navi from Avatar (those tall, blue people). You could even purchase a bit of fake blood for an added gruesome effect. There’s even liquid latex, which, when applied to your face, can help create a real visceral aspect to your Halloween costume. It creates an almost second skin that can be ripped off; horrible yet wonderfully effective to scare friends. Even going as a devil or one of the devil’s minions can be easily combined with everyday dress. Just get some red face paint, some red custom socks from Stand4Socks, and a pair of horns from an online fancy dress shop and you’re sorted. There are whole numbers of options available if you don’t want to lug around massive props or sweat your night away in a giant bunny suit – just be creative!

How To Be Cost-Efficient Every Year

While us adults do love Halloween, our kids love it even more. The day makes for a vivid and colourful spectacle that kids adore. And, for that reason, they want to be a part of it too. Buying kids Halloween fancy dress can be a bit of a chore for us adults, and, of course, we have to do it once a year. If you’ve got multiple kids, the task is even greater, and then there’s the dreaded cost too. However, you can find cheap Halloween fancy dress for kids; you just need to play it smart. One way of doing this is to try and overlap expenses. If you have multiple children, or your child has a best friend, make overtures by suggesting that two or more of them go dressed as something similar. That way, you can cut down on accessories. If one goes as a vampire, one as a zombie and the other as a werewolf, you only need to buy one bottle of fake blood to use on all of them. Or, for example, they could both go as Smurfs (those shorter, blue people). That way, you only need to buy one type of face paint for both kids. While it may seem like a small amount of money, it’s a saving nonetheless. And, over the years, that small amount builds up

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