Like the change in the seasons, Hermès say that this is where ‘A shift occurs’. The horizon brightens. A star rises. Men are beckoned to another Terre. As soon as I felt the amber fragrance land on my skin, I was taken aback by the deep warmness it alluded; like a roaring fire illuminating a darkened room. 

It has been nearly a year since the launch of this fragrance from Hermès– Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vetiver – yet it retains itself as the ideal late summer or autumnal scent. I captured the fragrance on a vintage record player – from the 1930’s in fact. This is how I have captured it here because this, to me, how it feels. Smooth. Suave. Surprising. I say surprising because it is citrusy; not something that is often associated with an autumn scent yet I think that its lightness brings a new depth.

With Terre d’Hermès Eau Intense Vétiver, Chief Perfumer Christine Nagel adds an original element to the power of Terre. The strength of vetiver mixed with the vitality of the Sichuan pepper and green bergamot. On the horizon, another Terre however Vetiver, inherent to Terre since its origins, is the culmination of this new composition whilst the initial woody and mineral balance of Terre becomes woody and vegetal.

The new fragrance is available from both Hermèsand in the UK, John Lewis & Partners.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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