If you’re off on your holidays to lie by the pool and soak up the sun for a week or so then, you won’t need much more than swimwear, a sunhat, some sunglasses and a book. However, if you’re planning on doing a little more than that, you will have to pack a bit more. Packing can seem like a real chore at times, so here’s a list to try and make it that bit easier for you so you can look forward to your trip.

A few key pieces you could never go wrong with are the following:


White T-shirt

It might seem plain, boring and obvious, but you should never underestimate the power of a plain white shirt. It is simple, yet effective, something you can throw on and go. It goes with everything and is a staple item in your wardrobe all year round, so don’t go on holiday without one – or even two as it is white and could get dirty on a messy night out. Get a decent one (or two) made from high-quality fabric and one that fits well. One of the best things about white t-shirts is the fact that they go with pretty much anything, plain shorts, patterned shorts, jeans, underneath a shirt or cardigan – the options are endless. 


Cuban shirt

You can’t go on holiday without a Cuban shirt either, it’s a seasonal piece that will make a statement but at the same time fuss-free item which you can throw on during the day or night. You can even style it different ways, unbuttoned by the beach, layered over a T-shirt or worn with tailored trousers for the evening. Get one in a lightweight, breathable material, and as linen clothing is on-trend at the moment, this could be perfect. Materials made from natural fibres not only look good, but they keep you cool and comfortable during the hot summer days.

A plain shirt is always useful, but for your summer holiday, it’s nice to get a pattern, even simple stripes, geometric shapes or abstract florals.


Chino Shorts

When you’re out in the evening or for the day and want to be cool but still want to look smart, then a pair of chino shorts are the way to go. They are the perfect middle ground between sporty cut-offs and smart trousers and will work with everything from a simple t-shirt to a formal shirt.



While temperatures might be soaring during the day, it could be cooler during the evening, or you never know, you might just get a bad day, so it’s always a good idea to have a pair of trousers on hand. Pack a couple of pairs of lightweight chinos that will keep your legs nice and warm but at the same time, let them breathe simultaneously. To get the most wear out of them stick to neutral colours like beige, khaki green or navy blue.



Sandals can be a tricky one for men, as many get it so wrong, but get it right, and sandals are great for your holidays..as long as they’re stylish. This means you must avoid Crocs or Velcro-fastening sandals, so just go for a minimalist pair of black or brown leather sandals as these will work well for by the pool and they will also be practical for day trips.


Smart Shoes

While sandals are fine for the day time, you’ll need something a little smarter for evening meals or nights out on the town. Try and get yourself something smart casual so that you’re still comfortable and stylish but look like you’ve made and effort too. Loafers or boat shoes are perfect for this. 


Swimming Shorts

You’ll likely be spending lots of time by the pool or on the beach, so you’re going to need to a good decent pair of swimming shorts. Look for a tailored, shorter style in either a solid colour or a subtle pattern as you can also get away with wearing these to the shops with a T-shirt without looking out of place.



Don’t forget you’re going to need a pair of sunglasses, a hat, a backpack and a few pairs of socks. Get a backpack big enough for day trips and for your towel, and you might want to get two hats, a good cap and a trilby.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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