Tired of feeling tired? It’s understandable, it’s hard to get out there and enjoy life when you’re constantly lacking in energy. You might have put your fatigue down to having a busy lifestyle, but there are a number of causes. Here are three of the main ones. 


You’re not getting enough sleep

First things first, start with the obvious- you might be tired because you’re not getting enough sleep. Chances are you’ll know if you’re going to bed late and getting up early that you’re simply not getting enough hours in the land of nod- but what if you are in bed for a solid eight hours? The issue could be quality of sleep. Are you often woken up through the night by pets, noisy housemates, needing the loo or the temperature feeling off? Do what you can to resolve these issues. If you’re in need of a new mattress, upgrade to a model that fully supports your body. Buy some soft new sheets, and use a duvet that’s designed for the time of year. So in cooler winter and spring you’ll need a duvet with a higher tog rating, and in warmer autumn and summer you’ll need a lower tog variety or just a soft thin blanket to cover you over. If you’re being woken up by traffic and outdoor noise from your window being open, consider investing in a good bedroom fan or even air conditioning so the room is cool enough to sleep in with it closed. 


You’re too sedentary

It seems counter intuitive, but the less you do, the less energy you have. This is why sitting in a chair all day, perhaps for a desk or driving job can leave you feeling exhausted and drained when you get home even though you’ve hardly moved around. It might be the last thing you want to do when you’re low in energy but incorporating activity into your day can give you a real boost. Exercise helps to regulate hormones which can affect energy, mood and sleep. It can help you to shed excess weight, and with the help of the right supplements or a testosterone booster it can shape and sculpt your body. This will give you more self esteem so you feel as good as you look. 


You have an underlying medical issue

Tiredness can often be traced back to a medical issue, and lots of different problems have tiredness as a symptom. It could be a vitamin deficiency, a thyroid problem or even something sinister like cancer. Don’t panic yourself, but do go to your GP who will be able to get to the bottom of things. Some routine blood tests can rule out anything scary and from there they can find out exactly what the cause is. Once you’re on the right treatment plan you’ll quickly start feeling better. 


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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