With the thrill of the open road ahead of you, and with a spirited sense of adventure, you might well consider taking a road trip on your motorcycle this summer. However, to ensure you are fully prepared for the ride, here are some important things for you to remember.

#1: Make sure your motorbike is fit for the ride ahead

You don’t want to find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere, possibly because a tyre has burst or because your vehicle’s battery has died, so make sure your bike is fit for the ride. Take it to a professional mechanic for servicing, and considering there are some maintenance tasks you can possibly do yourself, give your bike a thorough once-over before you leave on your trip. Many of the tools and accessories you need can be found at solomotoparts.com, so take a look if your short on gear, and be sure to bring along anything that will help you maintain your ride when you’re finally underway on your journey.

#2: Focus on comfort

When it comes to a long journey on the roads, you need to focus on comfort over summer fashion. Wear the appropriate gear, from your bike helmet to your riding pants, and make sure everything fits accordingly, so you don’t experience discomfort on your travels. Of course, you don’t have to completely forget fashion when you’re on your ride – check out the gear at Bikestop – but your clothing should be more about safety and comfort than showing off to either road users or pedestrians when you’re out and about this summer. 

#3: Pack as lightly as possible

Without a car boot to hold your gear, you won’t be able to go overboard with your packing. Not only will you fail to fit it on your bike, but even if you do, you might put extra pressure on your ride that could affect the handling. Our advice is to pack the essential items for your road trip, and if there is anything non-essential that you can later buy on your travels, resist the urge to pack them early. Check out the link to Solomotoparts that we included earlier for your luggage carrier needs or shop around online.

#4: Remember the busy roads

You won’t be the only road tripper on the roads, especially if you’re travelling in peak season, so remember that safety has to come first. While you do have advantages – you can easily weave in and out of clogged up summer traffic – you are also less visible to car users, so there are dangers ahead. Check out these safety tips, and keep them in mind when you’re touring the roads.

#5: Be prepared

Ex-scouts will have no trouble remembering this, but if you aren’t familiar with this scouting motto, then you need to heed it when on a road trip. You might want to think about the weather, for starters. Despite the sunny forecasts you might see on the TV, you should still prepare for wet weather, so bring protective gear, including a raincoat for yourself and coverings for your luggage. In the event of an accident or breakdown, you might need to get in touch with your insurance company and a breakdown service, so add the appropriate numbers to your phone. And in the event that you might get lost, you might want to invest in a sat-nav for your bike, as well as a motorcycle helmet that is Bluetooth-enabled to give you GPS directions. 


And the last thing for you to remember is this…have fun! You will experience less of a (metaphorical) bumpy ride if you remember our tips, so follow our suggestions and enjoy your road trip!


Take care, and thanks for reading!

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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