If you feel that you are having bad luck in life, and things are not going well, you may wear a ring on another finger, which may bring you special effects.

 Wearing a ring on the thumb symbolizes the well-being of happiness and longevity, and is suitable for the elderly, especially men. However, wearing a ring on the thumb is best worn on the left hand. Wearing it on the right hand is easy to lose bless, and it is easy to damage the ring because the right hand often works. The thumb ring should pay attention to the style, and woman can wear a delicate ring to express an independent. Men wearing jade fingers are the most atmospheric. According to ancient Roman literature, wearing a ring on the thumb can help achieve a wish and move towards success. If you have a strong desire in your heart and can’t reach it, try changing the ring to your thumb. Maybe it can bring a little change?

Wearing the friendship rings on the index finger of the index finger can enhance interpersonal relationships and win rights and social status. Professional workers who need to deal with people often are best suited to wear index finger rings. The index finger ring should choose a three-dimensional style, and the unique and well-crafted ring can reflect your taste and unique vision. The finger indicating the direction, the personality will become cheerful and independent, most suitable for people engaged in free trade.

  The middle finger wears a ring to make the most money. The ring on the middle finger symbolizes marriage and responsibility, and wearing the middle finger ring represents the accumulation of wealth. The choice of the middle finger ring should adhere to the principle of generous and noble, giving a solid and long-lasting sense of weight and positive energy. The middle finger is the most suitable finger for the ring finger to wear a wedding ring. The jade ring is worn on it to create a free and hearty atmosphere. It can make you inspire and become more attractive and sexual driven.

The ring finger wears a ring to represent indifferent fame and fortune, not counting the gains and losses, but also the position of the wedding ring. The ring finger for mothers rings is suitable for classical and orthodox styles, and the ring and set stones are suitable. Since the ancient Roman era, it has been customary to wear a wedding ring on it. According to legend, this finger is connected to the heart and is best suited to publish a sacred vow. There is an important acupuncture point on the ring finger, and the ring can be used to moderately press the muscles, which has the effect of calming emotions.

  The tail ring represents the evil spirits, preventing the villain and avoiding the evil spirit. The tail ring is suitable for the delicate style, mainly based on the exquisite type, and the small ring or the delicate gem is the most suitable. The little finger conveys a message that is tempting and sexy. The ring will be worn on it and there will be unexpected things happening. It is especially recommended for intuition-minded, fashion-related workers.

  How to choose a ring? Wearing a ring, in addition to bringing good luck, how to choose the right ring is the most important thing. We not only hope that the ring will bring us good luck, but also hope that the ring will make people more beautiful! The general hand type can be divided into standard type, thick and short type, elongated type, thick and long type and so on. In addition to the standard type can be arbitrarily matched, several other hand types must pay attention to when choosing a ring. The slender hands are actually the same as the standard ones. The choice is still very wide. The only thing to pay attention to is to try not to choose a ring that is too thin, such as a simple ring. Need some stereoscopic, full ring to make up for the thin fingers, so as not to appear too thin. The thick and long type are just the opposite. The thick fingers will give people a feeling of being awkward and not very delicate, and they will look rustic. Such a finger requires an exaggerated ring to help, and wearing such a ring can make the finger appear more slender in visual effect. The thick and short type is also the same as the thick and long type. If it is not well matched, it will easily appear rustic, so the wide monogram ring or the very thick style will not be worn. It is recommended to choose a longitudinally designed ring that creates a visually elongated feel that makes the fingers look slimmer, such as a V-shaped ring or an olive-shaped gemstone cut. This stretches the finger in the visual effect to achieve a slimming effect. Whether it is a ring or other jewelry, after all, it is external force, can help to a certain extent, but in the end life still depends on their own efforts


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