Summer is the time of adventure. The weather is good, and the light doesn’t fade out until very late in the evening – you won’t lose your way due to the sudden onset of the dark. You won’t have to pack your bag with heavy items like jackets and umbrellas and a coat, and the clothing you wear is a lot lighter than usual. It’s the perfect time of the year to get out and about, and to move as much as you want. It’s why we save up for a summer holiday year after year: humans like the summer, and want to revel in what it allows us to do.

But to do this, you’re going to need to dress accordingly. We’ve already mentioned that you’re going to be donning lighter clothing, but what kind of clothing is that? What kind of fabrics can you rely on to keep you cool? How do you stay as comfortable as possible while you’re on the road in unrelenting sun and heat?

So, if you’re an adventuring kind of guy, you’re going to need to check your style. And to help you answer the questions above that we’re all asking, feel free to keep on reading below. Summer adventures definitely have a dress code to them, and it’s time to find out what that is.

Get a Pair of Walking Shoes

These don’t have to be boots, seeing as they’re clunky and can often make you a whole lot sweatier… Walking shoes are in abundance these days, as many sports and activewear brands are stepping up their style options and catering to the travelling market. Seeing as so many adults are filled with wanderlust, and love to just go off and explore the world around them on foot, we really can be spoiled for choice when shopping for new shoes.

So get yourself a pair of shoes that are going to elevate your feet as you walk, keep your heels aligned, and give your toes plenty of room. Regular walking can very easily crush the feet we stuff inside the shoes we love, so stop any broken toes or cracked heels before they even happen. Even the arches of your feet have an effect on your gait, and most people need a slip in sole to accommodate them, so try to avoid buying a flat shoe.

And as we mentioned, even well known clothing brands have jumped on the bandwagon. For example, with Nike you can now buy air max 98, which are shoes with streaks of colour that are still practical to use. With a lower shoe like this, as opposed to a boot that comes all the way up your ankle, you won’t be stopping to pull your socks up every 5 minutes either. That’s definitely a lot more comfortable!

Put a Hat On

It’s for your eyes! Hats seem to be quite trivial nowadays, but they’re still incredibly useful to anyone who wants to take a trip in the summer sun and heat. Being exposed to such extreme elements (and they are, no matter how little sun your area might get!) can be quite detrimental on your health. You need to dress with the effects of heat stroke and sunburn in mind.

Which is why a hat is going to come in handy. Even just a normal baseball cap can be quite stylish when paired with the right items, such as a pair of aviators that sit light on your nose, so make sure to look up your options for sunglasses as well. But there’s always a good old cowboy hat, or a stetson to rely on, if you’re dressed in flannel.

A plain cap, without any motif or brand on it, will be your best bet here. It’s a lot more adaptable for your outfits, and won’t look out of place with shorts and jeans alike. Try to make sure it’s light in colour as well, as pastel or cool tones are best at preserving a cool atmosphere above your head.

Don’t Sacrifice Your Comfort This Summer

After all, it’s the time of taking a break from work and other responsibilities, and you’re going to look a lot more stylish when you feel good in what you’re wearing. Don’t lace yourself up in a button up, or a light brown suit, if the weather above doesn’t allow for these style choices. Let your skin breathe, and put a grey, cotton t-shirt on if you’re just headed into the garden.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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