What is the meaning of looking sharp? The very word ‘sharp’ conjures an image of clean cut lines and clear defined grooming. The attention to detail is something that slips into this image as well. In order to be finely groomed, we have to look at the smaller the things as well as the large. Despite the world of male grooming being more complex and advanced nowadays, the old ways are almost always the best. There are thousands of different razors in the world, a million different hair products, plenty of varying hairstyles you could use as your own. But instead of asking yourself what modern quadruple blade is best for the shape of your face, ask yourself what technique is the most effective. Rather than trying to get the wave of your hair just right, ask yourself what style is more suited to your hair shape. These are the things that classic male grooming has answered for us and yet, we don’t give this lineage enough respect.

The classic, neat or traditional side parting

When you look at the most popular sporting stars in the world, many of them have the modern pompadour. It’s a full body hair style that lifts up the front part of your hair and combs it over and back. There is also a line that runs down one side that exposes a little scalp. The sides are usually faded but kept a little long as well. This is the modern variation of a haircut that has been around for over 100 years. It’s called the tradition side parting, but it can also be recognized or described as the classic or neat side parting. This is a short haircut style has originates from military tradition but has been used by many public figures in politics, culture and business.

So what is this traditional side parting and how can you have it? Well, thankfully it’s one of the most widely known haircuts by barbers because it’s one of the first they learn. It can be done in a basic form and it can be done really skillfully. The sides are skin faded, which means that you will have bare skin at the bottom of your hairline around the sides and back. The top is then shortened to about the length of your pinky finger and combed over to one side. This is a hairstyle that can be used even by balding men. However since the back of your hair is going to be short anyway, you can have a transplant. But how does FUE transplant work? You simply take the hair follicles from the of your head and put them on top and at the front. There is no scarring, you don’t miss any days off work since there’s no pain or healing days required and you get a more natural look.  

Throw away your Gilette

Shaving is by far the most popular topic when it comes to men’s grooming. The skin on our face gets used to hair follicles pulled and our hair being shaved or trimmed over the years. Our skin is thicker and stronger than women’s so we don’t often feel razor burn. That is of course if you have sensitive skin. Modern day blades are being designed to manage this but the concept of the most popular design is completely backwards. Take for example the most widely used razors by men these days made by Gilette. They have 3, 4 and 5 blades. The heads are designed to glide over your face. This is all wrong.

Take a look at the best traditional barbers in the world. They use the straight razor. The razor is straight obviously, so it’s not designed to glide over your face. The barber has to use his other free hand to stretch your skin a little so the hairs stand up better. The strong and sharp blade then makes the closest shave possible. If you want the best results possible at home, you need to take heed from this kind of shaving. However straight razors are dangerous in inexperienced hands, so take a small step first by throwing away your Gilette and buying an Edwin Jagger safety razor. Using razor blades made by famous Japanese brand Feather, you can get a much easier and closer shave. You don’t need to go over your skin more than twice in any spot. The blades are incredibly thin and sharp, and the safety razor gives you the ability to use it to your best ability.

Learning to refresh your skin

Our skin cells live and die on a daily basis. Dead skin cells are often just left on our surface layer without being properly removed. This is why we often have discolored patches around our skin. No it’s not bruising, it’s a dull patch of skin which hasn’t been refreshed. But it’s kind of strange for men to use skin products that would make our skin look better. It’s not in our thought process to consider rejuvenating or replenishing our skin. This has always been something that the opposite sex have done. Yet since we are no longer walking around as hunter gatherers whereby we sweat a lot and perhaps even go swimming naturally, we have no other way to take dead skin cells off our skin besides showering. However even still, just running water over our skin isn’t enough.

Consider getting some kind of scrub cream for your face, neck and hands. These are the most exposed parts of our skin to the sun in most days, depending on how you dress. Something like a spot preventative scrub is excellent. It does two jobs at the same time. The microbeads will be hard enough, but small enough to be rubbed all over your face to pick up all the dead skin cells on the surface. Then simply wash away the scrub and you will have a brand new and fresher looking skin layer. It’s one of the easiest ways to look more natural and as a classic gentleman with good skin without putting on serums, oils or anything extra.

The classic gentleman grooming and style has always had the answers to modern man’s questions. Never overlook the traditional style of shaving such as the safety razor. It’s much quicker, easier and more effective for shaving than anything like a multi-blade Gillette razor can accomplish.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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