Fashion is something very easy to disregard, which is strange when you think about it. We might see the over-the-top designs of the Paris fashion week and some of the top model outfits and think those elements of style aren’t practical. But of course, rarely are those clothes actual pieces but more experimentations of concepts that are sure to help inspiration bloom. Fashion should not be disregarded. It is not a plaything of arrogance or vanity, but a means of expressing oneself and celebrating each day with its own theme.

If you’re usually someone who disregards the need to follow fashion, you’re well within your right. But we’d recommend you look a little deeper. Maybe try out some garments you might not have before, or consider switching up your style from time to time. You never know how seeing yourself in a new light can help you feel twice the person you were before.

Looking your best can often go hand in hand with feeling your best. It’s okay to wish to represent yourself in the best terms, and to be stylish when you can. Here’s what that might look like:

Use Style Guides For Inspiration

When we look online or in-store and see chiseled or beautiful models wearing the outfits we’re considering, it may tempt us to purchase. But then, in the changing room or when looking at online photos, we might realize that we look way off. This can leave us feeling just a little put-out and even more confused than before. This is where it can be more than worthwhile to use style guides for inspiration, such as crafted lookbooks, as they can help you see just how certain outfits work together, what items may be worth purchasing together, and how the fixtures of fashion are best presented from a seasonal perspective.

Lookbooks can also help you find someone who is a relatively similar size, shape, ethnicity and height to you, helping you somewhat see how the outfit is best worn. Fashion retailers are more and more turning to this method, because it’s a more realistic depiction of celebrating their goods. But if you’re struggling to find that which you want, YouTube can always be a good resource.

Start Simple

You don’t need to layer accessories, wear the brightest and most intricate patterns, or try on items that you don’t like just to ‘fit in.’ In fact, you’d be much healthier if you took the opposite approach. Starting simply and only trying items that you enjoy or wish to experiment with can slowly help you build up your renewed wardrobe. This way, you can slowly grow your confidence.

Quality Over Quantity

When we have a small wardrobe, we may wish to fill it out. Of course, that’s fine for the essentials. But it’s also important to ensure that when you can, purchasing quality materials over quantity will help you and your general approach to fashion remain satisfied, because good quality clothing lasts longer, looks more beautiful, can layer with other clothing better and can help you see where the good stuff is in future.

With these tips, you’re sure to dive into your fashionable approach with care.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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