We all want to look the part. Even those who claim they don’t really worry too much about their appearance still don’t want to stand out negatively from the crowd. It may seem like a vain and self-indulgent way of behaving at first, but it’s completely natural and normal. The feeling of being judged or not fitting in is one that will bug you and potential plague your mind for a while, so it’s best for our brains and our self-esteem to avoid it!

When it comes to formal occasions, outfits tend to be high on the list of priorities as it’s a huge way of representing yourself. If you’ve some upcoming events in the near future that require such a style and you aren’t entirely sure how to proceed, then let’s have a little chat about your options.    


Know The Dress Code

You’ll first need to find out what kind of clothing is required at the event. Some places and occasions are stricter than others – some will demand you don’t wear a certain style and some will be more lenient. If there’s no indication regarding the dress code, then it’s best to try and ask around to get a brief idea.


Decide What To Go With

Once you get to grips with the dress code, the process of figuring out how you want to look should be fairly straightforward. Sure, you’ll probably go back and forth between different dress shirts and different shoes, but it shouldn’t be something to mull over too much. Thankfully there are many articles and guides online that teach even the most clueless people how to dress smartly, so if you’re still a little confused, then you can check them out.    


Head To The Best Stores

You’ll want to get yourself down to the best places that specialize in selling top-notch formal wear. You’ll be able to try on the stuff that you had an idea of and see if they suit you or make you feel smarter. These stores will also have a great staff that will be able to help you all along the way.


Consider Tailoring

If you find something you like, then you can have your body measurements taken, and you can have it made to fit you perfectly. Some outfits look good as they are, but having a tailored outfit that fits you looks a lot better and gives you a chance to show off your own personal style. It might be expensive, but if you wish to look good, it would be worth it.


Consider Custom

If you’re feeling a little more creative, you could have an entirely new outfit design created for you. Instead of having it solely made to measure, you get to choose everything about it. We mentioned showcasing personal style – this takes it to another level!


Finish It All Off

The final few touches. This is where you get to add the finer details if you wish to your ensemble. We’re talking cufflinks, pocket square, tie clips – the stuff that adds just an extra bit of personality to your game.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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