More and more couples today are investing in wedding videos as the preferred way to cherish their special day for a lifetime. Read on to discover everything you should know.

Wedding videos have developed and now you can have a professional, well edited and creative film to reflect your real life love story. Hiring an expert videographer is the best way to get the best results as he will have the best equipment and knowledge available to create a wedding video which reflects your perfect day in a way that a rookie would struggle to do.

The videographer can zoom in, pan left and right, add a tear inducing romantic soundtrack and even interview you and your guests to add depth and familiarity to your video. Subtitles, filters and special editing can also be added to the feature to create an air of Oscar-worthy slickness. The advantages of hiring a wedding video professional mean that any unflattering or forgettable moments can be edited out to be long forgotten while close-ups of the wedding dress and the groom waiting patiently at the altar will add to make an arty and realistic effect.

Similar to a movie production, there are many features that need to be considered when filming the all important wedding video. Lighting, setting, colour, and sound are all key aspects and need to be thought of carefully, as well as incorporating your wedding band into the video. If you are having a lovely warm summer wedding, lighting will not be much of an issue, as hopefully, the sun will be shining brightly for you! However, if you are having a magical winter wedding, lighting will need to be considered in more depth as you don’t want to miss one single moment. The experts creating your wedding video will know what kind of lighting will be best for a winter wedding as the country is renowned for its colder, wintery climate compared to the rest of the UK. Even if the sky is grey, the atmosphere shown on video can still be warm and glowing. Artificial lighting is ok if your chosen venue has few windows however the key is to make sure there is as much natural light as possible.

There are many different trends for filming a wedding video nowadays. Websites like YouTube have encouraged a new style of wedding videos. There are some great suggestions such as using inspiration from reality TV, music videos or your favourite rom-coms! The wackier, funnier and soppier your clip the more views it will gain. For example, you can find outrageous first dance “music videos”, acrobatic “walks” or dances down the aisle and sobbing declarations of undying love as both the bride and groom and their guests struggle for speech through the emotion.

Going for a unique wedding video means that it will be remembered for years to come and you could even become wedding legends in the world of the web, just be certain your claim to fame is for all the right reasons and not the wrong ones.

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