There are many items that commonly get forgotten when travelling abroad such as toothbrushes and sun lotion. Fortunately, such essentials can usually be bought once you reach your destination. However, there are some items that aren’t so easy to replace. Here are the 7 items that you don’t want to forget.


Forget your passport and you won’t even get on the plane. This is one of the most important travel items you’ll need when travelling abroad – and yet one of the most forgotten.

If you haven’t got a passport, you’ll need to apply for one a few months before you plan to travel. Getting a passport can take several weeks and you’ll need to arrange photographs and signatories. There are fast-track services available for those that need it, but expect to pay a little extra for these services.

For those that have a passport and have had the same copy for a while, it could be worth also checking the date a few months before travelling in case it has expired. You will likely get cancelled entry if your passport has expired. In fact, some countries don’t even let you enter with less than six months left on your passport, so you may want to get it replaced if this is the case.

Boarding pass

A boarding pass could also be a necessity if you’re travelling by plane. You’ll need to print off your boarding pass before you get to the airport (although some airports may have facilities to do this).

It may also be possible to display your boarding pass on an app, however having a paper backup document could be useful in case this fails.

Other documentation

There could be other documentation required when travelling abroad. Many countries require a visa to enter. Car insurance documents and car hire receipts meanwhile could be useful if you’re planning on driving abroad. On top of this, you should print off receipts for your accommodation and transfers if applicable. Travel insurance documentation could also be useful.

Whilst all of this documentation is likely to be available digitally, it’s handy having a paper backup in case of a glitch or tech failure. You may be able to store these paper documents along with your boarding pass and passport in a travel folder.


Forgetting to bring money could put you in a lot of trouble. Even if you don’t bring cash, you should always bring a card so that you have access to money if you need it.

Cash is often better as you won’t be charged a transfer fee. That said, there are preloaded money cards that you apply for that aren’t charged when you use them. Having a credit card could be a handy backup payment option if you lose your debit card or cash – credit cards also tend to be very secure and it’s usually possible to claim money back if you get scammed.


Going away without medication could be dangerous. Make sure to bring any prescription medicine for serious health problems that you may have. Some general first aid items like plasters and bandages could also be worth packing. If you have allergies, bringing an inhaler or EpiPen could also be essential.

Other medication could also be worth packing. Contraceptives could be important if you think you may be sexually active – you can find pills online that are effective at preventing pregnancy. On top of this, consider ordering malaria tablets if you think you’re going to a high-risk zone.


Many of us are so attached to our phones nowadays that it’s unlikely you’ll get five minutes away from the house without realising you’ve forgotten your phone. However, if you’re the type of person that doesn’t check their phone regularly, it could be something to consider. Without a phone you won’t have means of communication. It could even have important information on it such as your boarding pass and email conformations.

Chargers and adaptors

A lot of people forget their charger at home. This could leave you with no means of charging up your phone. Whilst you may be able to buy a charger whilst you’re out there, your phone may still run out of battery before this is possible.

Plug adaptors may also be necessary in some countries. Without one, you may not be able to plug your charger into the sockets as they could be a different shape. Plug adaptors aren’t always easy to find unless you’re visiting a popular tourist zone, so make sure to bring buy before you go.

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