The key to a good wardrobe that works for all different occasions is versatility. If you’re buying clothes that you’ll only wear for very specific events or occasions, you’ll be struggling to put together outfits. But if you fill your wardrobe with a few staples that are very versatile and can be used to create a lot of different outfits, it’s easier to find the perfect look for every situation. These are the versatile pieces of clothing that every man needs to have in his wardrobe.

A White T-Shirt

When it comes to versatile clothing, nothing beats a good old fashioned white t-shirt. It can be paired with so many different things to create a wide range of different outfits. Match it with a pair of jeans and some trainers for a great casual look. You could switch the trainers for a pair of leather shoes and add a stylish blazer and then you’ve got the perfect smart casual look.

When you’re choosing a white t-shirt, it’s important that you go for quality. A lot of people make the mistake of thinking that a white t-shirt is just a white t-shirt and the cheap ones are just as good as the more expensive ones, but that isn’t true. If you go for the cheaper ones, the material isn’t going to be great and it won’t be that comfortable, it also won’t last you as long. But your main problem is the fit, which will be terrible on the cheap ones and it won’t look anywhere near as stylish. This is an item that you’ll be wearing a lot so it’s worth investing a bit of money in a quality one that will last, rather than buying a cheap one every few months.

A Wool Gilet

Gilets have taken off in the last couple of years as the country gentleman style has become more popular. A lot of people are adopting the traditional style and putting a modern twist on it. One of the best items to get hold of if you like this traditional vintage style is a wool gilet because it’s very versatile. If you want to go full traditional, you can pair it with some corduroys and boots, but it looks equally as good if you match it with some chinos as well. It’s not ideal for really casual outfits so don’t try wearing trainers with it because it will look out of place. It’s also a very practical and durable piece of clothing so it’s not just for style.

A Blue Button Down Shirt

A blue button down shirt doesn’t seem that exciting but it’s actually a great piece to have when you’re trying to put together an outfit in a rush because it works for a lot of different scenarios. If you need a more formal look, you can add a tie and a jacket and you’ve got a quick formal outfit. It’s also equally as good for a more smart casual look if you just untuck it and leave the top buttons unfastened. It’s important that you go for a button down one with small buttons that fix the collar, rather than a basic blue dress shirt. A normal dress shirt won’t work for a casual outfit so it’s not as versatile.

A Dark Sports Jacket

There are some situations where a full suit is a bit too much but just a shirt on its own is still a bit too casual. The best solution for those kinds of situations is usually a sports jacket. They’re the ideal middle ground between a fitted suit and a simple dress shirt. Lighter colours are fine in certain situations but they aren’t that formal and they don’t pair with that many different items, so they aren’t quite as versatile. It’s best to go for darker colours like navy, grey or black because you can match them with more different things. A sports jacket is ideal for a semi formal outfit but you could easily wear it with a pair of jeans and trainers as well.

A Pair Of Dark Jeans

Jeans are one of the most versatile pieces of clothes out there, along with the white t-shirt, and you’ve probably got some already. But a lot of people make the mistake of only going for lighter shades and they don’t have a good pair of dark jeans. Light jeans are fine for casual outfits but they’re no good for a more formal setting, so you need some dark jeans as well.

If you’ve got these wardrobe staples at hand, you can quickly and easily create a great outfit for any occasion.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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