It has been a collaboration that has divided the menswear sphere, but surely the aim of a partnership is to bring two different types of customers together. In my opinion, season one of the FatFace x Folk collection did just that. So, following on from that success the collaboration returns with a new summer collection featuring unique fabrics, details and touches in a collection that remains easy to wear whilst being crafted to the highest quality. The 18-piece collaboration was designed to align closely to Folk’s style and to become a great modern yet practical essential in any man’s wardrobe, ideal for the warmer weather to come. I loved the shirting from the first collaboration, but I must admit that the sizing is more on the FatFace side rather than the FOLK – owing to a more traditional guy who may like more of a comfort fit. Yet this doesn’t put me off wearing it but instead I make it my own.

Folk offer timeless staple pieces for the contemporary man and boast designs that feature special touches. Folk founder, Cathal McAteer and the FatFace design team have combined their design experience again to produce a menswear collaboration perfect for the summer with splashes of colour across a minimal range. It’s amazingly well priced and going by the shots above, this is a must have collection for Summer, and will be available late March.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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