It can often be the question on our lips whenever we head to a new job. The question? ‘How on earth should I dress for this position?’ In some places, this is perhaps easy to recognize. For example, in heading to a law firm to work as an intern, it’s likely that you’re going to wear a professional suit, nothing too fancy, but crisp, smart, and well fitting. A simple watch to complete the look. But then it might be that you’re working for a fancy, chic new media company. ‘Smart casual’ is celebrated there, and here you have the creative freedom to express yourself through your dress, and to feel more confident and comfortable in your approach.

 But what value does business style have? From managers purchasing high-value branded polo shirts to outfit their customer-facing staff in a carefree manner, yet one than still denotes a drawn-together look, to dressing smartly to stand out in your office yet not to show-up your boss. Of course, you are free to wear whatever is permitted in your contract, but you may consider our advice to help you put this outfit together. You never know just how it might help how you come across, and how confident you feel in the role:


Personal Confidence

 There’s a smooth consideration of personal confidence that can help you move through your day with grace when you’re well dressed. This is a different sense of confidence. It’s not the confidence with baseless form, that which seems like an overexertion or perhaps a feeling felt for the wrong reasons. Instead, it’s often something that can help you expand your professionalism and feel more comfortable in the role. For example, not being afraid of comfort in your wear can help you look more attentive, more dressed-down, and less uptight than you otherwise might have been.


For example, a wool or cashmere cardigan can look professional and homely, perfect for the office of a tech-startup. It denotes professionalism without having to dress in a three-piece suit. Finding creativity in how to express your professionalism can lead to personal confidence, and being well dressed will often help you seem put together. This is much more than simply switching out a different novelty tie each day of the week.


Dressing Above Your Station

 Of course, if you’re a store clerk you’re hardly going to wear a suit and subvert the uniform just because you can see yourself in a management position some day. But it might be that subtly dressing a little more put-together than your colleagues can help you stand out, and seem more competent to the upper-management. They might subconsciously wish to give you breaks like a front-facing office-addressing, public speaking gig. Dressing above your station helps you look above your station, but it also helps you seem as though you belong.


Finding What Works For You

 Our clothing is an extension of our personality. You have likely noticed how your mood can be affected wearing different clothes even regardless of context. Wearing a tracksuit might make you feel more sports-focused, while a suit of course, executive and professional. Consider what works for you. Consider what might help you sit down at a terminal for eight hours a day, or how you might dress when meeting clients in coffee shops. Finding what works for you, what helps your branded image, and how you might use this information can inform you of your professional style and purpose.


With these tips, you’re sure to dress well for your professional purposes.

This post is a contributed post and in collaboration with Rob Taylor.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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