There’s a lot to consider when you decide to buy a luxury watch. Even for the most affluent, a watch from a brand like Rolex or Cartier is a significant investment.

They can range from a few thousand pounds to tens or hundreds of thousands depending on the brand and model. You want to make a statement, you want to choose something that will fit your lifestyle, and you want to choose something that will hold its value for the long run.

Regardless of whether this is your first luxury watch purchase or you’re an established collector looking for the latest and greatest piece to add to your collection, you want to be sure that you’re purchasing a quality watch.

Many of the brands that we think of as selling luxury watches have made their name because of their ability to produce high quality and accurate watches that are also beautiful.

For instance, when you buy a Rolex, you know that you are not only getting an elegant statement for your wrist but also something that will be reliable in the year and decades to come.

In fact, there is a thriving trade specifically around vintage luxury watches, which can be quite the hunt if you’re looking for a rare model. New or vintage, however, the smart luxury watch buyer is always on the lookout for fakes.

Aside from the disappointment and embarrassment, a fake watch would not hold any of the value as an investment that many watch buyers are looking for. This can put many off from purchasing their watch from anywhere but official stores or straight from the company online.

It’s no surprise, of course, that this is the more expensive route. But there is another option which you may not have considered for saving money on your luxury watch buy.


Buy Preowned & Save

I found one website,, that specializes in selling pre-owned luxury watches for a great discount over buying new.  Don’t let the idea that they are pre-owned put you off. These are not the counterfeit watches that you may be concerned about.

Each watch on their website has its authenticity guaranteed by their experts, and they all offer a 12 month warranty. You also have up to 2 weeks to return your watch if you are unhappy with it initially. So this is somewhere you can feel safe buying from.

For instance, right now there is a ladies Cartier Tank Americaine watch available for under £1330. This model of watch new is much more expensive, more along the lines of £3000 or £3100. And this is in the lower end of the price range.

The most expensive models of the Cartier Tank Americaine can top out at tens of thousands of pounds.

Buying pre owned still gives you the same amazing watch from the brand you’ve been yearning for, but allows you to save a significant amount of money in the process. You might even find a more vintage model you didn’t know you were interested in.

To us, the choice to buy a pre owned luxury watch instead of a new luxury watch is clear. You can have the watch you want, look great, and as long as you buy it from the right place, know it’s coming from a reputable source that will allow you to return it if you’re unhappy.

And with the savings, you might just find that you’re ready for your next luxury watch all the sooner.

This is a collaborative post however I fully endorse the brands mentioned and the nature of the post. 

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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