To Covent Garden this week, with an exciting launch which fused fashion, food and beer as The House of Peroni arrived into London. I do love it when lifestyle and fashion brands collide as exciting things always happen. This time, Italian brand Peroni have taken over 6a Langley Street in Covent Garden with an immersive event to celebrate the success of their emerging talent program across the worlds of fashion and drinks.

Over the last seven months, The House of Peroni Fashion Studio has been home to eight of the best emerging designers across the UK and Ireland. The designers received industry leading mentorship and a cutting edge fashion studio to help craft their collections for a showcase during London Fashion Week 2019. This fully immersive experience will feature eight distinctive spaces, inspired by the work of the designers, given a platform by Peroni Nastro Azzurro. I was really impressed with the level of talent and the immersive, creative and thoughtfully abstract way downstairs which they were presented.

Joel Boyd’s Jobo Studios and Hannah Wallace’s Pluto Close, two menswear designers showcased here really impressed me with their interpretations of subcultures; Boyd looks at the Bōsōzoku  youth of Japan – known for their customised motorbikes, and similar to the Mod’s of the UK in the ’60s –  whilst Wallace looks at the theme of survival through the lens of political uprising, science and technology.

At the heart of the experience is a unique platform bar, providing the ultimate stage to hero the craft, art and innovative mixology skills of the bartending talent. Here, Sam Taylor, winner of the Peroni London Cocktail Week emerging bartending talent program will be joined by Peroni’s master of mixology, Simone Caporale to serve Peroni Nastro Azzurroinfused aperitivo cocktails inspired by the eight designers. On top of this, there is delicious Italian cuisine from their food partners Pasta E Basta to complete the experience. I had the absolute pleasure of making my own cocktail (available as an add-on for £12 for ticket holders) which was informative and hugely entertaining.

The House of Peroni also be launching the new designs of the Peroni Nastro Azzurro bottle and pint glass, as well as introducing a new Peroni Libera 0.0% offering. These will be on display around the main Peroni bar, along with displays of the designers’ garments from the London Fashion Week showcase.

I hugely recommend going; entrance is free – by clicking on the previous link and is available for walk-ins- with drinks, the afore mentioned cocktail making session and food available to buy before you attend, or on the day. This is one of the best fusions of fashion and lifestyle I have seen for a long time. Enjoy whilst it lasts until 9th March.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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