It was a couple of weekend’s again that I was very kindly invited by Acqua di Parma to their new Barbiere – or Barbers – in London’s Selfridges department store on Oxford Street. I had been offered an authentic Italian, cut-throat razor shave which, despite my looking 14 years old again after a full-face shave, I was quite excited about. After over 10 years of working in menswear, I have never had such an experience however I have heard how relaxing, almost purifying it is for the mind and soul.

To be honest, it take a little bit of finding in Selfridges, of course depending which way you arrive into both the store and menswear on first. But simply, it is on the opposite corner to the new skate bowl. This is a very interesting location on the floor, nestled in a corner surrounded by contemporary menswear as the brand is brims with heritage and story-telling. Yet it has a place here that suits Acqua di Parma well.

The experience was one I can only highly reccomend; my barber was welcoming and friendly as well as taking time to ensure that I really did want a shave and look 14 years old again! Firstly, I had a purifying facial cleansing scrub, followed by shaving oil which then saw a shaving cream applied with high quality brittle brush to allow for a smooth double shave. There was both a hot towel to open my pours, then a cold one to finish the experience. When I say ‘I awoke’ at the end of the shave, it is a not an exaggeration – it is an almost hypnotic process that results in a clean face and clear mind.

From eyebrow grooming, to haircuts and the above shave; check out the full treatment menu here and book; it will be worth every penny.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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