Heading to the gym for the first time in a while, if ever, can be a daunting enough experience in itself. You have all sorts of things to bear in mind – recommended reps, different stretches, and to remember that bottle of protein shake for afterwards. But what to wear shouldn’t be on your list of grievances. Now, putting together a wardrobe for the gym can be a little baffling. When we look at gym buffs on Insta, we tend to see ripped, topless men from the waist up. But rest assured, nobody is actually working out in the gym with little to no clothes on. Here’s a quick run through of gym essentials you should add to your wardrobe before getting started.


A staple when it comes to mens gym clothes has to be a pair of joggers or tracksuit bottoms. These are all-purpose and can be worn time and time again (just remember to wash them between each work out). Ideally, invest in two or three pairs. This way, you can rotate them and don’t have to put a wash on every single time you get out of the gym.

Running Trousers

If you find that you do a lot of cardio and looser bottoms get in the way, you could invest in some running trousers. These tend to be tighter and made of material such as lycra – moulding to your body and resulting in less chafe, as they don’t rub against your legs as you move, they move with your legs. They also have the added benefit of being more streamlined, if you’re really up for moving fast.

A Breathe Easy T-Shirt

A T-shirt is a good all-round purchase. Just make sure that it’s made from breathe easy fabric. This will prevent you from sweating so profusely and these specialist materials also tend to smell less than others.

A Tank

T-shirts are fine, but if you want more freedom of movement in your arms and chest (particularly important if you’re lifting weights), you might want to go for a tank. This means that you won’t have sleeves restricting you.

Swim Shorts

If your gym has a pool, you should make use of it. Aim to take a dip at least once a week. After all, swimming is a great all-round exercise that can also loosen up your muscles when you’re aching from the weights.Unless you’re dead set on beating a personal best and breaking some gym records, or simply enjoy wearing tight Speedos you shouldn’t have to pull out a pair. Instead, invest in some plain swim trunks. As long as they’re waterproof, don’t go transparent when wet, and have a good tight waistband that will stay up, they should serve their purpose.

These, of course, are just a few basics to start building up your gym wardrobe. As you spend more time in the gym and get to know your routine a little better, you are bound to find more purpose-fit pieces that cater to your needs down to a tee

This post is a contributed post and in collaboration with Rob Taylor.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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