Perhaps two of the most common causes of stress in the UK for men result in a direct consequence to the body; hair loss and erectile disfunction. It’s a loosing circle, as you stress about the issue, which then can result in the concern. For anyone on social media, you will no doubt have seen adverts for hair transplants, hair pieces and the wide release of the ‘little blue pill’.

However, Hims has jumped over the pond to the UK’s shores to help guys sort out this issue. The idea for the brand came after noticing a huge gap in the men’s care industry and a reluctance to discuss uncomfortable, yet common, pain points like hair loss, erectile dysfunction, acne, etc. They have found out through their work that men are eager to learn about treatment options, but often are unsure where to turn for answers. Hims is a one-stop shop for preventative care and education, and in the USA the brand is seeing a real resonation amongst men in their early twenties to early forties, which is in line with studies proving that 66% percent of men experience hair loss by age 35, and for 1/4 of these men, hair loss begins before age 21.

Priced for Hair Loss (Finasteride) at £35 for a months treatment and erectile disfunction Sildenafil (50 mg pill) its £33 for 8 pills or a months supply. how does this all work, then? The company works with a large network of doctors to prescribe Finasteride and Sildenafil through their website – customers will be assessed by an online consultation with one of the team. If they pass the assessment, an online prescription will be drawn up by a pharmacist and mailed in a discreet manila envelope. There is a huge emphasis on aftercare and customers will be able to follow up with the same doctor to monitor use.

Give it a go; this seems to be a new dawn for wellbeing issues for men so you don’t have to stress any further.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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