They have a combined following of 3.4million followers on social media, are watched across the entire Asian continent and millions will tune in weekly on LINE TV to watch their respective programmes. Recognise the two guys above? No, didn’t think so.

Yet they are two of the most influential faces of millennial media across Thailand, China and Japan – and their names are (L) Perawat Sangpotirat; or Krist and (R)¬†Prachaya Ruangroj; or Singto. Both Thai nationals, they made their name on an LGBT high-school drama SOTUS in 2016 which after a slow start, became one of the most watched youth series in the country owing to a second series in late 2017 and into the following year. With such notoriety has followed a vat amount of media coverage such as interviews, photo shoots (they have both been the cover stars of the now defunct arm of gay magazine Attitude in Asia) and sponsorship deals. One thing that has also got them noticed is their K-Pop vs contemporary European urban wear that on one hand looks heavily at monochrome athleisure; also sways to oversized silhouettes – from Krist’s Balenziaga to Singto’s black graffiti shirt. I have long been a fan of Korean designers, and together with a large increase in awareness for other Asian designers and brands, I think these two have something that you can take away from. Explore their style here…

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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