There are a few classic pieces that every man should have in his wardrobe. It doesn’t particularly matter what your style is, the chances are you’re going to make use of these. 


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Slim-fit jeans

The trend that just won’t go away. From the super skinny jeans that look like they’ve been sprayed on, to the twisted seams and super detailed skinnies. They can be dressed up, or dressed down and are super hard wearing. Slim-fit black jeans are arguably the most versatile thing you’ll have in your wardrobe. Any look you can imagine, you can make it work with these jeans. Drop a few extra notes on a decent pair. The idea with proper denim is you wait a while before washing them, the material is tough and can take a few messy nights out. 

Chelsea Boot

The Chelsea Boot, much like the skinny-fits are a classic. They’re worth buying in a couple of colour and materials – they go with any cut of trouser and again, go from morning to night without any effort. Once they’ve been worn a few times, they are incredibly comfortable. The workhorse of the shoe world (apart from trainers, of course) deserves a safe place in your wardrobe. 

Some Basic Knit

So maybe this one isn’t as cut and dry as the rest. There are a few things that come under the term ‘knits’ – jumpers, hats and so on. So, we are talking about a decent thickness jumper. No everyone loves a thick winter coat, and frankly, they aren’t always all that convenient. Having a couple of go-to wool jumpers will do you well. They last for years too. You might think you’re not a hat person, but once you find one that works, you’ll wonder why you ever went a winter without one. To make this easy on yourself, try and get a hat the same colour as your shoes. It ties an outfit together without much effort. 

Blazer / Sportcoat

The perfect ‘throw on’ outer layer. It works for formal occasions and a beer with friends in equal measures. And, while we don’t have time to get into questions like what is a Spalla Camica, or how to order a bespoke jacket here it is worth doing a little research and getting the right cut and fit for you. A good blazer can be a lifelong companion. 

Plain T-shirts

The most functional and versatile member of your essential classics. A plain white t-shirt is a clean looking canvas, you can dress it up or dress it down. Most offices now allow reasonably laid back attire too. The plain t-shirt solves a number of issues. Having a few colours like white, black, blue, green and grey is a great idea. Try not to buy a range of cheap tees or material that is too thin and won’t wash well. 

When it comes to classics and essentials, they are pretty much one in the same. And, while there aren’t really all that many rules on what to wear, something to live by is – purchase quality items, and you’ll need to replace them less. 


This post is a contributed post and in collaboration with Rob Taylor

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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