Nothing says winter than an image of the snowcapped mountains of the Scottish Highlands, so you will find these landscapes rooted in FIDIR whether it be the materials, colours, or finer details which evoke the rugged beauty of this magnificent terrain. Founded by Edward ‘Eddy’ Downpatrick last year, the brand FIDIR is a capsule collection of luxury, featuring tones and textures found in the rolling glens and lochs of Scotland, including everything the adventurous gent would need for everyday life and an outdoorsy weekend alike. From heavyweight tees and capacious weekender bags, through to durable leather accessories and this new bomber jacket, in collaboration with iconic Scottish raincoat label Hancock, above. Just look at the quality of the quilt stitching, and the sharpness of the collar cut. The eye of Downpatrick combined with the know-how of Hancock speaks volumes to the quality and desirability of the piece.

The brand has a small yet achingly perfected art to craft and you can see the passion in the product. Heavy grained small leather goods will no doubt do well with the well healed gents of the Scottish cities looking for something connected to the more rural environment of the fabled country. Clothing wise, the pack of 4 socks make for an ideal Christmas gift, the five panelled cap is standardly cool and worth a purchase however, it is the t-shirt and sweater that have really caught my eye. Why? Because they have a little twist but they are THE basic pieces you are always trying to find; honest, simple and just really well designed in exceptional fabrics.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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