To Regent Street last night for the launch of a special collaboration between Hackett, whom hosted the event at their flagship store, and Swatch for this beauty – the The Sistem 51 Limited Edition Watch. Yes, that is a cute pooch on its face – in fact, it is Jeremy Hackett’s Sussex Spaniel, Muffin. As 2018 is the year of the dog, it was only natural that he took a staring role. The styling of the watch pairs brown, red and green shades that elevates the autumnal tones – plus it features the Hackett bowler hat logo as the date face which is a great touch.

As for the timepiece itself; it is the revolutionary mechanical watch that turns the old watch world upside down. Whilst today’s most exclusive mechanical watches are made by hand, SISTEM51 is a mechanical watch for everyone. It’s made not by hand, but on a fully-automated assembly line. Invented by Swatch, as the rotor that winds the watch turns on its axis, each new design is suddenly kinetic, a fascinating work of art-in-motion. Since it’s not a quartz watch, SISTEM51 has no need for a battery—it’s powered by the person who wears it. Every movement of the wrist sets the rotor in motion, winding the watch, so SISTEM51 features an ‘automatic’, or ‘self-winding’ movement. Even when laid to rest for a while, it keeps on going for an exceptional 90 hours.

Available from today, the watch is limited to 1,983 pieces – symbolising the year both company’s began – and is available from selected Hackett and Swatch flagship stores globally and online at and

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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