Founded in 1996 by the Olsen Twins, Mary-Kate and Ashely, The Row became a by-word for understated, tailored luxury in a time when American fashion was dominated by casual sensibilities and silhouettes. Taking its name in reverence to London’s Savile Row, the fashion house preserves the bespoke standards of exquisite fabrics, impeccable details and perfect silhouettes. Then reserved only for womenswear, today Mr Porter is host to the first ever menswear collection, with an offering of 38 pieces from suiting, casual basics, loungewear, eyewear and accessories, the focus is  on exceptional textures and precise tailoring, combining a timeless perspective with minimalist shapes with a subtle, understated sense of luxury. This collection is not for the financially faint-hearted, however there is a real dedication to luxury fabrics such as cashmere, moleskin and fine grain leathers that justifies an elevated price point. The pieces are certainly investment worthy, cuts on the slim but not too skinny, I guess not to alienate the consumer who is both fearful of a skinny silhouette yet thinks nothing of spanking the Amex on a £325 cotton jersey t-shirt or £500 for the leather card holder. Will it do well? Only time will tell but this long awaited offering is cause for celebration – The Row is doing things differently in LA and the USA as a whole which is something to applaud as it reaches our shores. Here is all of the pieces available from Mr Porter today


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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