Building on the success of their previous location a short walk away, M.C. Overalls have moved home – to within the hallowed ‘Menswear Mile’ – to Brewer Street in Soho.  Heading to the opening last night and viewing the space with a couple of glasses of wine to celebrate, it is now housed within a former bar and restaurant at. No.21. Whilst I have long been a critic of more and more restaurants opening in the area, it is great to see that the 617 sq ft lifestyle store has found a permanent home. The very light and airy space will showcase the full M.C.Overalls collection along with a dedicated space for the brands creative collaborations. CEO James Scroggs, the awesome guy with the orange hat below, was keen to build a creative hub where they could continue to partner with like-minded brands and champion enterprise culture. What is really exciting is that the space, which also features a DJ area, allows the brand to continue its retail strategy of using the store to host events and launch collaborations for friends and customers.

Last night, I found a few pieces which I really liked on an aesthetic level, all below, and that also shows the breath of the label as a serious player within menswear. Despite its rich history, M.C.Overalls is not a heritage brand that references the past. It is about making clothing that is relevant for a modern workforce. At a time where endless choice and immediate gratification characterise clothing, they offer a ‘uniform’ for craftspeople and creative pioneers. They finally opened two East London factories to make surplus uniforms for the British Army in WW2, evolving into artisan clothing, offering denim jackets, trousers and a variety of specialist trade overalls that later became known as M.C.Overalls.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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