The biggest trend in skincare, grooming and beauty at the moment is Korean-based products; simply anything. Why? Korean culture is urban, sophisticated and conservative and a cultural emphasis has been placed on exceeding expectations; within education, at work and of course, personal appearance. As a course of culture, children are taught from a young age the techniques for excellent skincare such as exfoliating, moisturising, and using sun care which then becomes second nature to them when they mature. Skincare is therefore ubiquitous, affordable and accessible –

One trend that we have also seen within the UK, which overlaps with Korean skincare, is the replacement of ‘mud’ face masks to ‘sheet’ face masks – infused paper-based masks which sit on the face yet do not dry out. The biggest and newest name to enter the UK market is DEWYTREE. Inspired by the crystal-clear image of dewdrops and the vitality of trees, providing ‘Natures Recipe’ to revitalise, feed and restore the skin by utilising the skin loving qualities of nature. Made with natural ingredients, DEWYTREE provides clinically proven skincare that will deliver immediate results to the tone of the skin, fine lines and detoxification thanks to the JEJE Volcanic Ash Clay found in the mask collection.

I am a huge fan of the VITA Caviar mask; a cool, saturated sheet mask that is perfect for relaxing on the sofa with as I allowed the vitamin B3 to seep into my skin; combating the effects of the city’s pollution and weather. The mask gave my skin a slight tingle during use yet this felt more encouraging than a concern, and the recommended 20 minutes of use flew past. Instead of washing my face afterwards, it directed me to rub in the product left on my skin so I could get more of an intensive treatment. The result? Fresh, invigorated and clean feeling and looking skin. The cost? £4.99 from Superdrug.



Written by Danhasbyoliver

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