Whilst the name suggests an equilibrium of results, after a week and a half of testing I found the new Triumph & Disaster ‘Little Pucks’ a small triumph in men’s hair care and grooming. If you are not familiar with the brand, it hails from New Zealand and was founded by International cricketer Dion Nash in 2011. Using all natural products, yet scientifically engineered for specific results according to the product, the brand has launched these travel-sized ‘pucks’ in 25g pots which are ideal for the holiday season.

Firstly, I have to say that the Coltrane Clay is the best product of the three by far; the consistency and hold on damp hair (because, not everyone has time to blow dry in the morning) ensures that my style doesn’t shift all day and is re-workable. The main ingredient is Kaolin clay, a soft white product from its namesake hill in China where it was first mined and has been used for centuries to make Chinese porcelain; yet this also contains beeswax to ensure shine as well as Pracaxi Oil from the darks of the Amazon river, to ensure a soft and nourished result. My second favourite was the Fibre Royale, which utilises a bespoke blend of Beeswax, Argan oil and Kawakawa to mould hair and treat the scalp. With this, I did need to blow-dry my hair as it didn’t hold as well as damp hair however, Fibre Royale is a strong hold, low volume product that delivers a natural look and style. This is far better than most fibre’s on the market and I would use this over my regular VO5.

Lastly, and whilst not my favourite but my partners, the Ponsonby Pomade works really well on his short hair after blow-drying to give a firm, sharp hold. However, unlike the pomades of old, there is no grease slick look that looks like you have dipped your head into a vat of oil. Phew! If you want to give these a try, then head over to www.triumphanddisaster.com




Written by Danhasbyoliver

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