dunhill has produced some storming fragrances over the years, both in terms of shelf appeal and scent however both are equally as distinctive. The last incarnation, ‘ICON’ three years ago was a beautifully peppery, woody fragrance which I wear during the winter and evenings. It can often be difficult to find a summer fragrance which balances a clean, fresh aroma coupled with a blast of citrus, rather than just one or the other – and the new fragrance from dunill, Century, does exactly that.  What is first striking is the beautiful indented bottle which inverts on all four sides; reminiscent of a 1960s Mad Men-esque type desk ornament or statement inkwell. As I said before, dunhill’s elegant shelf appeal has never lacked in sophistication. Wearing this yesterday afternoon for the first time, the initial blast of the fragrance on my neck released a subtle and soft scent of grapefruit and mandarin, then a moment later, the quiet nock of bergamot rang out. It was only hours later that I could detect the level base notes of sandalwood and neroli. This balance of ingredients makes the lasting scent masculine without being overbearing or heady in this summer heatwave. Nobody wants a banging headache on a sweltering tube after 8 hours staring at a computer, with the cause being a well meaning fragrance. Exclusive to Harrods until next month then available nationwide, dunhill Century is priced between £59-79.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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