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There seems, to me, a great synergy between the tattoo artist NYE Inks and the menswear brand Basic Rights; both strive for works of art, a bending of rules and the creation of uniqueness. It was very apparent at the Basic Rights event during London Fashion Week Men’s where I saw a collection that has the louche yet structured offering of a brand who knows what their customer wants, and what it wants from its customer. It was also here that I met the tattooist who is widely celebrated for creating something individual.

What is that you may ask? To me, both hold a great sense of honesty. For the brand, they offer a beautiful, basic (in this case, not a bad thing) yet perfected capsule collection of simple pieces. For the consumer, they wear it in a way that is transparent and seem to be brand guardians as well as fans. Both, however, believes and understands that each client is different – yet in a way are forged together by a love of great material, craft and aesthetic that can represent who they are as an individual.

A huge thank you to NYE Inks for my latest tattoo. His client include Skepta, TooPoor, iamDDB, Dappy, Raff Law and many more. The experience was utterly painless; a testament to his skill and craft, and is one of the most fun and engaging artists I have met. Watch this space, I will be back…

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