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Long time readers of the blog will know that over the past three years, I have heavily supported the Levi’s Pride collection that benefits the Harvey Milk Foundation – and this year that is no different. With us on the Pride in London march with the brand last year – and my Instagram shots being featured across the wider press – the brand will have a presence in the parade on July 7th, as well as in Madrid and Stockholm, yet for now let’s have a look at this great collection titled ‘I Am’.

This year’s PRIDE collection celebrates love, acceptance, diversity and inclusivity. The theme is: “I AM______” and they are asking YOU to fill in the blank. Be who you are, whoever you are. And be proud of it. That is what pride is all about, right? Wether you are the L, the B, the G, the T or the Q (indeed just a signed-up ally) this understed yet vocal collection is one that can take you from Pride month to throughout the year. Whilst I have seen and supported other Pride collections, the statement graphics and subtle stitching on the denim pieces are very transeasonal, in terms of Pride.

More out and proud pieces include baseball caps, web belts and suspenders, bandanas, beanies, and socks and underwear to finish off your look. Because to be truly proud, what’s on the outside matters just as much as what’s on the inside! The iconic multicolor flag got a little tweak this season as a rainbow-hued ombre design on a bandana. And for the purist, the classic Pride logo is featured on a washed denim hat and on a stonewashed denim tote that can be worn year-round, so you can show your support no matter the season.

Spring 2018 marks the five-year anniversary of the Levi’s Pride Collection and more than three decades of supporting LGBTQ causes—from leading the way as the first Fortune 500 company to offer partner benefits over twenty years ago, to consistently scoring 100% on the Human Rights Campaign’s Corporate Equality Index as one of America’s best places to work for LGBTQ employees. And buying the collection will see 10% donated to support the Levi’s LGBTQ partner organisations: Harvey Milk Foundation and the Stonewall Community Foundation.

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