He maybe known for his esteemed musical career with both McFly and McBusted, yet Dogie Poynter has just added another string to his bow – menswear designer. His style has long been on point, although by his own admission, ‘not in 2004’ – see more below – with a carefully balanced wardrobe that fuses casual Rock ‘n’ Roll  with dress, 1970s hyper-style. With this, it is no surprise that there is a reference to his own style in his debut clothing collection called ‘Polonius’.

Polonius is an ode to the romance and nostalgia of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Creative Director, Dougie Poynter is inspired by the meeting of his two great passions; music and acting, and how these two important aspects of his life translated into something more. Stemming from a fascination of how the theatres once used to stage the plays of Shakespeare then became a home to the rock bands of the 60’s and 90’s, Poytner explores the allure and legacy of these liminal spaces and the artists who occupied them.  Here is a few questions with the man himself about the collection, his style rules and what keeps him in the party mood:
How did your inspiration of the theatre manifest itself into a collection? 
I was looking at old photos of the stones playing these theatres. On stage you had these guys covered in sweat rocking out but in a super grand theatre.
What mainstream trends have you included into the design mix? 
I tried my hardest to not go too crazy. I think there’s alot in there that can be more mainstream and wearable even if you aren’t into the vibe of the brand.
Why have you decided to launch Polonius now? 
We have been working on it for a year and wanted to start with a summer collection because I hate winter. I mean I really hate winter. I literally don’t leave the house.
Were there any designs you begrudgingly left out from the final edit? 
Yeah! But I can’t really say what. I guess I get a bit carried away sometimes.
What piece best describes you? 
I think the short sleeve shirts. They were kind of the starting point and the biggest nod to Baz’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’.
What is your biggest style mistake? 
Being alive. Ha! Just Google ‘Dougie Poynter 2004’. I had piercings that weren’t healing. I was a teenage mess.
What piece of style advise do you live by?
“Dress becomingly”
Will you be wearing the collection on the FROW to London Fashion Week Men’s? 
Yeah of course!! I will be mixing the collection in with some other pieces.
Which three tracks keep you on the dance floor? 
Take A Look Around – Limp Bizkit
YMCA – Village People
Decedents – I’m The One



The 20 piece capsule collection features a range of styles, from distressed tees and lurex football-style shirts to sheer frilled shirts and an oversized chenille cardigan. The stand out piece of the collection takes the form of a romantic floral motif cuban-collared shirt, reminiscent of Bad Lurhmann’s ‘Romeo + Juliet’ and 90’s nostalgia. The collection ranges from £45 for a t-shirt and up to £595 for the structured black leather jacket and will be available exclusively at

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