I get so exited around Pride Month because some great retailers get behind the LGBT+ causes with gusto, and Harry’s is no exception. I was thrilled to get this through the post not only because their shave gel and razor is the best I have used to date – and I am very nearly run out of gel and blades – but because their new razor handle is incredible!

The ‘rainbow’ Winston razor handle is created by a unique colour printing process that ensures no two rainbows are exactly the same each Pride handle is a genuine one – just like people. It is packaged in a bold and colourful celebratory box designed by transatlantic graphic design duo Craig & Karl, who’ve worked with the likes of Apple, Nike and LVMH – and Harry’s have even thrown in a couple of cute edges using their designs.

Whilst many brands over the years have come under fire for using the ‘pink pound’ to increase their profits without benefiting their customers; in a further show of solidarity Harry’s will be donating 100% of UK profits from the sets to LGBTQ+ charities selected by the campaign’s participants – and they are a pround sponsor of Pride in London, 2018.


Kicking off in the UK on 18th June, the ‘Shave with Pride’ campaign sees notable members of the LGBTQ+ community, including This Morning’s Dr. Ranj Singh; Bloc Party’s Kele Okereke; Queer Eye’s Jonathan Van Ness; transgender coupleHannah Winterbourne & Jake Graf; Teen Wolf actor Charlie Carver and club promoters Nadine & Tia, ditch out-dated labels in favour of their own – sometimes provocative, sometimes funny and unexpected – self-determined identifiers. Hence Singh is no longer ‘the resident Dr. from This Morning’ but a ‘Super Nerdy Gaysian & Proud’ while Van Ness bigs up his most famous asset, describing himself as a ‘Hair Flipping Free Spirit & Proud’.

Harry’s limited-edition Pride Set is available in the UK from from June 18, priced £24. Pride 2018 runs from 9th June – 7th July.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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