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Last week, I headed up to Kick Bar in Shoreditch High Street, east London to see in the launch of the new Umbro x Christopher Raeburn collection; a true celebration of English football in time for the world cup.  Celebrating Umbro’s indelible links with English football’s rich history, Studio Raeburn incredibly deconstructed and remade original Umbro England shirts, creating a truely authentic offering. With craft, quality and innovation at the heart of the project, these pieces have then been replicated in fully recycled materials. This creates a new capsule collection in which each piece features an entirely unique print – meaning no two garments will ever be the same.

Whilst many of the menswear crowd were drawn into a highly competitive match of table football, others – including myself – were very happy to mingle and watch the action from the sidelines, G&T or local east London beer in hand. I did however, leave with a prize of my own – a fully customised Umbro t-shirt adorned with my year (’86) and a selection of Studio Raeburn mascots.

Umbro × Christopher Raeburn2 Umbro × Christopher Raeburn3

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