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 LSoD has been away for a little bit: part summer holiday, part family stuff (very stressful) and part no time to log-on and get writing. However, more about the interesting one – the holiday. It was time to jet off to Barcelona once again but this time to meet my boyfriend’s family. It was a short-ish trip – a mere 5 days – but I ensured I had packed my new pair of Duke and Dexter loafers as I knew there would be a couple of occasions where sneakers just wouldn’t cut it!

On a trip to the Gracia festival, a spectacular display of creative decorations made from recycled items in the narrow streets of the Barcelona suburb,  I decided to wear the black brushed flocked loafers with rampant lion embroidered detail. What is great about the shoes is that they are heavily quilted in fabric, which means they are incredibly comfortable – perfect for an long evenings walk over cobbles and around the sprawling area. They were so comfortable in fact, I wore them again the next day to my boyfriends’ grandmothers 80th Birthday celebrations in the city; where I got him to get a shot of them whilst I was upon his Dad’s Harley Davidson. Perfect for a monochrome look; white jeans and a monochrome shirt work well here for a relaxed yet elevated look.

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