U OK HUN? Today, boohooMAN has launched their first ever Pride collection, designed by creative LGBT visionaire and activist Philip Normal. He has become famous for his very cheeky illustration tees and those with slogans such as ‘U OK HUN?’ and ‘YASSSSSS’. The limited edition collection steps away from the brands traditional style and delivers an exclusive offering of bold, statement t-shirts and accessories. Each piece embodies Philip’s confident style and is a refreshing move for the brand, targeting both LGBT and non LGBT youth. Philip started off his career as a designer in the late 90’s before opening a store in Camden Market to begin his fashion career. Inspired by POP culture, vibrant style and the gay rights movement, Philip’s creations are very directional, appealing to his audience in a personable way. The 30 piece collection – priced between £4-£50 comes in flamboyant colourways, features cheeky captions and unique prints – perfect for Pride. Many of the designs are tongue-in-cheek with an element of humour. What’s more, 10% of proceeds are going to charity –  5% will go to the GMFA as chosen by Philip and 5% will go to the Albert Kennedy Trust as chosen by boohooMAN.

BHM_04_06_17_PRIDE0047 BHM_04_06_17_PRIDE0294 BHM_04_06_17_PRIDE0356 BHM_04_06_17_PRIDE0933 BHM_04_06_17_PRIDE1198


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