Folk has long been one of my favourite brands; pushing the dichotomy of menswear and leading the independent yet globally important face of the industry. Never one to shy away from innovation and newness, this new collaboration  fuses art, fashion and literature in with the artists Nick and Phil Goss. The collection of around 20 pieces is the result of an ongoing exploration of the J.G.Ballard novel, The Drowned World. This dystopian sci-fi book creates a vision of the future where the ice caps have melted and the planet is burning up. The resulting collection is a bold and graphic taste of the novel itself, transposed eloquently onto limited edition T-shirts, shorts, summer shirts and sweatshirts. A pop-up shop on London’s Redchurch Street has well, popped-up which fuses gallery and retail space to show the clothing against a backdrop of the Goss Brothers’ paintings and drawings.


Written by Danhasbyoliver

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