I started developing grey ‘highlights’ about 5 years ago, which for someone in their mid-20s was quite daunting and a little embarrassing. Whilst my oldest brother started going grey at 21 – and is now fully embracing a Phillip Schofield type head of silver hair – I knew I was bound to follow, although not at quite his rate. Fast forward to my 30s, and I have learned to embrace my highlights which are mostly at each temple, above and around my ears. Whilst I have never tried to enhance their appearance, it was not until I was asked to use a new shampoo called ‘Infuse My Colour’ from My Haircare with their Platinum wash.

It is designed to help the management of colour fades, which revive, refresh and add tone to hair however as I do not dye my hair, I have certainly noticed an enhancement of my grey highlights. Maybe I can learn to love them! However, what has become apparent is how soft and lively my hair has become – living in London sucks the life out of skin and hair. Being a 100% vegan shampoo using no sulphites, parabens or silicones, I would highly recommend using this at every hair wash just to revive and invigorate your hair – whether you dye it or not.

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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