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If you go down to St. James tonight, you would be in for a big surprise! It was last week that I indeed did just that and discovered The Scotch, tucked away on Masons Yard, a short walk from Piccadilly. The event was an evening of Jameson whiskey and burgers, fries and milkshakes from Tommi’s Burger Joint.

The Scotch of St James is a nightclub, live music and private event space which first opened its doors on the 14th of July 1965 and has become a renowned playground for just about every major music personality of the swinging 60’s. So much so, the club famously played host to a then unknown Jimi Hendrix’s first impromptu gig on arrival in England in 1966.

More than twenty years after it last opened its doors, The Scotch was restored in January of 2012 and re-launched in March of 2014 after an eight month partnership with Le Baron in 2013. The stunning art deco interior is the perfect location to drink, dance and chat – particularly with a club that has such an illustrious heritage as a culturally significant meeting point, aiming to host the city’s most relevant and exciting events and personalities in music, fashion, film and the arts. Fancy nipping down? Head to their website and contact the team.

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