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Hello readers; how have you been?! I know, its been a while. So why did the blog take a break? Well, as you may know, Last Style of Defense is eight years old. As I have been doing it pretty much everyday – bar the occasional holiday – I strongly believe that taking a break, evaluating and refreshing is a good step to make for anyone. Whether that is in a job or a blog, taking stock really helps to remind yourself what is great about something, and perhaps where things can improve. However, the blog is not going to change as I know what works and doesn’t, and how it stands out from a sea of others – young and old.

Another reason to carry on and really kick-start this month as a new chapter in both my life and that of the blogs was that LSoD has been recognised by Hot Drops. The style content and e-tail site compiled a list of the Top 50 menswear blogs in the UK, and once again LSoD has been recognised. Being in good company with some new, some old and some very familiar faces, the recognition shows that even after all this time, the blog is still relevant and popular. Here’s to the rest of the year and you never know, the next eight years!


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