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I am not a big fan of ‘fashion’ watches, and by that I mean those from luxury fashion brands such as Gucci, Armani, Versace and the like. Whilst I have a beautiful Emporio Armani dress watch that I received from my parents for my 18th, I am not a fan because of two reasons. The first is that they have such expansive collections that it does make me wonder the quality of the pieces. Yes, many are produced in or using parts from Switzerland, however seeing the offering of such brands is also a little disheartening. The second, is that they simply don’t hold their value. I received a lovely ‘fashion’ watch for another birthday yet sold it for the meagre sum of £100. God knows how much it cost new.

As you can tell from the title, this post is about the new Hermès Horloger collection entitled Cape Cod. ‘But…’ I can hear you interject, ‘it’s a fashion house’. Whilst I don’t disagree, Hermès Horloger collections are rarely released to the extent of the aforementioned names together with the fact these are pieced in Switzerland using superb quality workings. Furthermore, this collection was born from the singular vision of Henri d’Origny, who invented it in 1991 by sketching a square inside a rectangle, with these new masculine models enhanced by the signature Hermès leather craftsmanship.

These images, released ahead of Basel World – the premier watch fair in Switzerland – show how, from cutting to the burnishing, as well as the famous “saddle stitching”, the same meticulous operations are tirelessly repeated in the Hermès workshops. This hand-crafted expertise enables the Maison to offer unusual approaches such as a wristband formed from a traditional strap merged into a cuff strap and made in alligator or Barénia calfskin; or a two-tone smooth calfskin strap combining Malta blue with Hermès red or étoupe.

Available very soon, this is one collection of timepieces I wouldn’t mind adorning my wrist.

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