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If you, like me, were a 1990s kid, then you would no doubt have had a pair of Dr. Martens shoes or boots. I was a big fan of the black 8-eyelet boots, which matched my black jeans and black Рwell, everything. With nostalgia being a big socio-digital trend that is translating into fashion and accessories, Dr. Martens are looking back to the grunge movement which occurred in the 1990s for this new paint splattered offering of shoes, tees and bags. As the brand found itself at the heart of this massive explosion of alternative thinking, music and style, with the 1460 8-eye boot championed by millions of grunge fans worldwide Рthink Kurt Cobain from Nirvana and his millions of fans emulating his style. Drawing on the early nineties for a more colourful influence, the Paint Splatter collection is intended to mimic the effect of an artist spilling paint over their boots while they create. If you are like me, then just the sight of these images will have those grungy memories come flooding back, and make you seriously think about buying a pair today.

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