What is the result of a menswear collection that combines influences from the West Country in England and Sweden? By all accounts it is the most unusual paring I can recall, yet Wax London have pulled it off perfect with their debut collection for autumn winter 2016. Design trio Tom, Rich and Steffy pull together nods to British country outerwear with Scandinavian ease and function with a collection bursting with almost basic pieces such as hardwearing factory-inspired jackets, basic jerseywear and durable outerwear, yet beautifully executed. Manufactured in the UK, the coats are a particularly highlight, whilst the other pieces are made in the UK,Turkey and Italy – to, according to the trio, an equally high standard. What’s more, Wax London are ‘committed to producing covetable, wearable and responsible clothing for a global community’ and donate the profits from a hero product to a charity in the country the piece was made in. Well done guys, I’m sold…

img_8350-copy img_8733-copy img_8008-copy

Written by Danhasbyoliver

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